How Solar Technology Has Transformed the Camping Experience


While it might be possible to jump on a plane and head over to Europe for as little as a pound according to some budget airlines, there’s no doubt that camping is a tradition that will never die out. However, even though it may always appeal to travellers, there’s no getting away from the fact that it has changed with the times and perhaps ‘modernised’.

There was once a time where fires comprised of sticks were the only source of light for campers, while charging any sort of electrical advice was well and truly out of the question. Fortunately, camp sites have been developed which makes the experience much easier, although arguably the biggest aid has come in the form of solar technology which means that electrical devices can be used and charged in the middle of nowhere.

We’re now going to take a look at some of the Powerbee solar devices to highlight exactly how the traditional camping experience has transformed over the last few years.

Phone Chargers

The fact that a recent study indicated that mobile phone users check their device up to 150 times every day shows just how crucial a phone is now in everyday life. Of course, if you venture out into the wilderness for a week, there’s every chance that your battery is going to die at some point and you’re going to miss out on a handful of texts, or that latest social network update.

Therefore, solar phone chargers can be an absolute Godsend. As the name suggests, they only require the sun to work, and some are even able to store the energy for days at a time meaning that your phone could be charged in dull conditions.


While the traditional radio might be slowly dying out, when it comes to camping it can be one of the best sources of outside entertainment. Admittedly, families aren’t going to crowd around a device, but some like to have one around for background music or to hear the daily news.

Suffice to say, most radios either require an electricity source or do not last for a long period of time on standard batteries. Therefore, solar power has come to the rescue again, while some manufacturers have released devices which have radio, phone charging, and light capabilities.


On the subject of light, we’ll move onto our next trip-saving device. While some campers may like nothing more than building up their fire, others will want a much quicker solution. Unsurprisingly, most lanterns have the uncanny habit of running out of battery charge as the trip wears on, simply because they are left on for hours on end.

Therefore, some would argue that the solar lantern is the most important product on this list. It’s powered by the sun and this means that you can at least take it as a backup source, although many simply use it as their primary light.