Enterprise software development lifecycle

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development focuses on a company’s needs rather than individual user’s needs. Since enterprise apps are used within a company, they are developed based on the internal environment and business processes. Organizations of different sizes and industries have different demands. The goal of enterprise applications is to fulfill a company’s specific needs and meet specific business goals.

The majority of modern enterprise systems implement the SaaS model when software is developed using web technologies and is hosted on a cloud. Sofware as a service approach ensures rapid performance and flexibility of a system. However, some organizations still prefer traditional desktop apps as they provide greater security and control.

6 steps of enterprise software development lifecycle

The development of enterprise software requires thorough preparation, careful planning, and well-established processes. A clear vision of the project’s goal and qualified implementation get a fair opportunity to penetrate the market and even set an industry standard.

Here is your step-by-step guide to efficient enterprise software development.

Product discovery

The product discovery phase involves an in-depth analysis of the organization’s needs. The process starts by gathering requirements from project stakeholders and adapting existing ideas to current workflows. In this way, you can answer some important questions that will affect the course of your enterprise software development project.

Planning and estimating

Planning determines the project roadmap for meeting business goals, budget, and deadlines. Effective planning helps allocate resources wisely and avoid typical stumbling blocks during software product development. With detailed technical specifications at hand, you can identify the rough estimates for delivering an MVP.


Armed with the results gathered in the discovery phase, product designers step into customer’s shoes and walk through multiple use scenarios. After determining usability logic, designers create functional prototypes of the future enterprise system. This approach eliminates the risks of system redesign at a later stage.


From now on, developers come into play: they will set up the cloud environment and create the business logic and the user interface. Focusing on the core features is critical while developing software for the enterprise. Remember that you don’t need the most advanced software. You need software that suits your organization and delivers business value.


The quality assurance team will perform a series of manual and automated tests to ensure the quality of code and user experience, including functional, load, compatibility, performance, and security testing. Often it means going back to the previous stage to fix bugs and improve performance, but worry not — it’s a good thing. It’s always better to find the bug yourself than letting users find the bug for you.

Deployment and maintenance

At this stage, the freshly built and tested product moves to a production environment where users can see and try it out. Now is the best time to fine-tune your enterprise system by adding new features and improvements according to user feedback.

Technically, enterprise software development is a niche in software development. The main difference lies in the context of its use. While general software development refers to both customer-focused and business-focused products, enterprise software development targets specific organizations within a specific industry.


Tips to Consider Targeted Subject & Audience and Competitors When Choosing Domain Name

Hello everyone, today I found some important tips to choose a name of your site. Choosing the name to buy the domain of the site is a great challenge for those who want to set up a business to be found on the internet, is not it? Digital Marketing has grown a lot, so the dispute of a good name is increasingly interesting and creative, it seems strange, however, it is one of the great difficulties encountered by many entrepreneurs when registering and creating a site.

Choosing the name and internal TLD can affect the whole outcome, however much you think this does not happen, but it really is true.

In website optimization for search engines, the name of the URL is one of the most important factors for the best positioning in the search engines; this is one of the main reasons for the name of your site to be related to the subject addressed.

The fact is how you choose the name, not what name to choose. Pick up some information like:

Targeted Subject (Relevant)

One of the main premises for choosing the name is the subject that the site will reach. The subject must weigh more than any other of the premises for the choice. Fortunately, Regnames provides a domain name services, you can use it to find most suitable domain name.

Intended Audience

Why is the target audience a premise? It is simple, because it is easy or not to be pronounceable and remembered. Depending on your audience you may or may not have a more complex name for your site. What would be the Twiter if it had a more complex name?

Name of competitors

Never imitate the name of your competitors. Using part of the name and changing another is a fatal error. Your competitors should already be known, so choosing a similar name will easily be confused with your competitor.

Domain Registration

One of the main headaches is domain registration. There are millions of domains already registered, and possibly what you have in mind as the name of your new website should be registered. I know this may hurt you because you may have chosen a perfect name with the content and area and there is already a registered domain, often these domains do not match what they present, but they are not for sale. A great tip, choose a name with derivatives of this.


Grow Your Business With Link Building

With so much competition and evolution of technology in the world, it has almost become impossible to survive in the market if you don’t follow the latest trends. Anything traditional is unacceptable nowadays be it the way you think or the way you work. If you have a business and you own a website then seo and link building is the latest marketing trend that you should follow. Link building is a component of search engine optimization (seo) and that too a very crucial one. Link building in simple terms means that you create a hyperlink that is linked and positioned to another website that is equally relevant as yours and shares the same industry or interests. This link sharing and placing is called link building.

With the ever growing internet marketing and online business led to the need of seo and links. All this aids in a better ranking on the search engine pages. There are expert link building company who assist the business in this process at very reasonable prices. The company caters for all the business seo requirements and helps the business reach its internet marketing goals that is to be on top of the search engine. The company starts from scratch and aids till the business achieves what it desires for. The whole process is technical and expert intervention is provided by the company. The company also offers link building packages for different types of businesses.

Link building benefits for the business

  • The more quality links you have that reach back to your site, the more people can discover what your business offers and what your business is about. This implies greater lead generation and greater space of targeting audience. The business captures the masses from the other sites as well where your links are placed as well as fresh audiences that are directly searching for you online. Tapping genuine consumers becomes easy as only interested people will click on the link to know what’s more behind it.
  • The link building company create your business as a brand in the web pages with quality content. By placing high end content in the web placed at the right sources ensures that your business is relevant. It creates a hype around your existing brand and enhances it to a level that people get attracted by it themselves.
  • The link building packages offer links to be placed at web pages that are related to the business product or services. Example a business that offers automobile parts could position their links on a car selling website or a car repairing website. This will catch attention of needy users and generate leads. This is beneficial for both the parties as it is not hampering anyone’s particular job. Both the jobs are related and thus can work hand in hand for each other’s benefits. This results in good business relations on the internet.
  • The whole investment in the seo link building is a long term investment. The links on other related websites will generate leads for many years to come in the future.

Pay without any hassle via mobile phone

Businesses of all sorts and sizes do understand the benefit of utilising a mobile POS or point regarding sale system. By making it possible for consumers to pay, from any place they are, any mobile point of sale system will assist enterprise generates returns via enhanced engagement, versatility and advanced customer service. Below are listed some of the draws of utilising mobile point of sale by businesses to aid boost revenue.

Mobile payment system

It is the system that permits customers to shell out via mobile devices. Mobile payment systems have been classified into a lot of kinds such as payments through a mobile app, SMS payment, NFC payment etc. Here it is better to state the advantages relating to mobile SMS payment gateway India system. The mobile payment system is beneficial to both enterprises and customers.

Benefits of mobile payment for customers


This system renders the process of payment simple and less intricate. At present consumers are capable of making payment from any place and at any time by making use of their mobile phones that are linked to the internet. They permit consumers to flawlessly buy items or services with no need of physically delivering cash or necessity to swipe a card. The customers are keen for rapid, in- plus-out experiences of shopping. Mobile payment can make it possible to cater to the need of the thousands of customers at once.


By making use of mobile payment, customers do not require worrying about the risks of security related to cash. Or be troubled if they have got sufficient cash within the big physical wallets in this way mobile payment minimises the risks of theft of having too much cash on hand. Furthermore, mobile payment forms a safe way to make payments. Credit card data is not stacked over smartphones straight but secured somewhere else on the cloud. Therefore, no thief is capable of extracting information regarding the credit card details merely by pinching any phone.

Benefits of mobile payment for retailers


One prime benefit can be taken to be the low cost of utilising a barcode scanner or a mobile card reader than using any credit card terminal of your bank that realises from the businessmen fees per month and transaction fees.


Providing mobile payment choices to consumers both offline as well as online renders the process of purchasing very easy for them. This may boost rates of conversion and the customers returning in good number. Furthermore, enterprises can get faster the process of the checkout and also do the business with fancy purchasers who would not have been capable of purchasing something in case a traditional deal was needed.

In this day and age more bulk SMS gateway is available and too much online shops have their consumers shell out payment online by making use of their mobile device. It makes a win-win sort of situation as the consumers are able to leave out filling bothersome forms and buy the products just with one click.


Profiting Online With SEO or Search Engine Optimization

I have been to numerous gatherings and found that individuals get a kick out of the chance to do their very own SEO at first and after that surrender later after they don’t discover sensible outcomes. I would recommend that they should continue attempting, until the point when they truly feel that their deals is specifically subject to their positioning in the web indexes.

I have high regard for every one of the general population who have made progress utilizing in-house/individual SEO and still can keep up their top spot for very focused catchphrases like computerized camera programming or photograph programming. The universe of SEO has changed quickly thus have the procedures. Presently let’s begin with primary subject that is “Profiting on the web with SEO“.

The main verifiable truth:

Higher the activity better the deals

Among the billions of pages that are looked via web indexes just a couple of make it to the best and these main 30 sites make the most business. Sort in advanced camera programming for example and you will comprehend what I mean. Do you recall how frequently have you gone past the 3-fourth page of your hunt page results? I would expect a similar conduct from 99.9% of the Internet surfers as nobody has room schedule-wise to go past the best 30 recorded pages. I am overstating when I say top 30 in light of the fact that for the most part the best 10 get 75% of the hits. So on the off chance that you are not at the best you are losing on a gigantic piece of offers, except if you are promoting locally and are restricted to a nearby business.

Google AdWords is justified regardless of a say now as millions utilize them and know their significance. The clients of Google AdWords realize that they will get recorded at the best page (supported posting) for the predefined watchwords. In any case, they don’t evaluate the deals that they will make. They can without much of a stretch do it in multi month and after that change their offer add up to pay less in promoting on google. Being recorded in the best page does not imply that you will wind up with ensured deals. You need a genuine decent deals page that will make the “purchaser” want to get it. Keep in mind it is tied in with making him feel that he needs it.

Website streamlining will move your page to the main 10 without paying for the AdWords battle that is a compensation for every snap crusade and you may wind up paying significantly more than your deals. Having said this on the off chance that you pick the specialty watchwords for your battle and have a decent deals duplicate you will undoubtedly make a considerable measure out of the crusade. Out of thousands who snap to your page no less than 50 should purchase your item.

The million-dollar question

By what means will you advantage from SEO? What amount would it be a good idea for you to spend?

On the off chance that you have a decent item and at a sensible value contrasted with rivalry and feel that you can collect enough deals once your site gets movement SEO will profit you by furnishing you with presentation for the picked catchphrases ( a legitimate watchword investigation for scans every month for that picked watchword) will be led by the SEO master. Contingent upon the opposition you have for those watchwords the arrangement will be chalked out by him. Now and then just on-page SEO may take you to the best notwithstanding, these days SEO has turned into a prevalent profession with many best sites spending gigantic sums on SEO to be recorded in the best.

Your cost ought to rely upon how much deal you will undoubtedly make. An appropriate estimation of this can be drawn after the primary month that you are recorded in the best 10. Your cost can extend from anyplace between $250-$2500 relying upon the opposition you confront.

Be watchful while pickingaSEO firm or individual as they can utilize spammed strategies that can get you prohibited from web crawlers.


Why You Should Opt For a Small and Cheap LCD TV

Well, the debate about the importance of buying the most expensive electronics may last for as long as there are both expensive and cheaper TVs. However, when we talk about the cheapness of television sets, we should not think about low-end sets. It is true that the common wisdom with respect to TVs is always to get the higher quality for a higher price. However, small and cheap LCD TVs may be a great option for your financial status in certain situations. Therefore, you can feel free to visit CompareRaja for small and cheap TV sets. You will great deals that conform to a student’s financial ability. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a smaller cheap LCD TVs rather than going for the high price models.

May Have a Superior Picture Quality

Some smaller and cheap LCD TVs double up as an HD TV. In fact, some smaller Samsung models have quality picture quality. For many people, a smaller and cheaper LCD TV screen is better than an old tube TV. While using a small TV screen, you will continue enjoying your Blu-rays movies, HD television content and the latest video games in a stunning picture quality.

Easy Portability

Evidently, smaller and cheaper TVs are more potable that big-size and expensive sets. Opting for a small and cheaper model will allow you to fit it inside any furniture or stand. Moreover, it is very simple to move a small TV and install it at any position of your choice. For instance, you can install it in your summer house, bedroom, or even in the laundry room. If you won’t use the television often, it makes sense to buy a smaller and cheap version.

Low Power Consumption

Smaller television sets use lesser power than their wider screen counterparts. They can be very energy efficient. If used in place of large models, they can drastically reduce the amount of electricity bill paid at the end of the month.

It Is Suitable For the Kids’ Room

Generally, the kids’ room does not require a big television set. A cheap LCD TV works just fine for video gaming and kids’ favorite videos. It is prudent to get one of the smaller and cheap LCD TVs for the children’s room. Ultimately, the kids will get their own little entertainment center. Conversely, you will save a lot of money compared to a larger model.

Cheap and Smaller TVs Are Great For Students

Big size LCD television sets may not be the best for a small dorm room. Thus, it may be best to select a smaller and premium HDTV as a student. The most excellent LCD TV to any limited space is a compact and cheaper version. After all, the student may want to upgrade to a bigger, higher-quality television after graduation.


Do not get frustrated, or worse, curse yourself for failing to raise enough money for the most expensive television set on the market. You can still go for the smaller and cheaper LCD TVs. You may be asking how small and cheaper the LCD TV can be. It can be less than 40 inches and not more than $500.

Internet & Multimedia

The influence of web Design on SEO and Branding

What you require to be aware of presently is that it could be building up your business back in more ways than one. Web design, while actually essential from a philosophy of art view, encloses much more. From SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design influences your whole internet existence. Design elements are digitally stronger than content, in terms of doubt. According to an investigation, when asked to explain why they doubted a website, 94 percent of visitors straightaway said about the web design elements, while only 6 percent mentioned particular content. While the study was aimed towards health sites, it appears to be feasible that the similar fundamental truth would carry over to other industries.

Web design might be most essential, but the content is still important. When those similar participants were inquired to give causes for why they faith in specific websites, content played a role in 83 percent of the replies. People prefer sites that are instructive, pertinent, fresh, plain, and impartial. They particularly enjoy when sites give age-particular detail and give answers to often asked questions.

Both content and Web Design & Development are especially essential, and moreover, they go together. Without standard design, your visitors possibly won’t take the time to go through the content you’ve infused in. And while your site design should fulfil human eyes, it also influences other routes of your business particularly SEO, branding, and conversion rates.

When moving towards web design with SEO in mind, you have to think permanently. Design fashions come and go, but your brand and online existence will endure. Emphasising too much on brief design fashions can be difficult, but you also don’t desire to wholly neglect present styles. One of the most current trends is parallax design or the design that presents a single page that appears to go on forever. Users prefer it because they can constantly scroll through content, while website owners love it because it keeps users engrossed. Don’t involve on the search engines to be parallax fans, moreover. By keeping away the conventional website structure that search engines utilise to creep, you’re lifting certain alarm bells. In addition to, you’re stretching out a whole website’s value of keywords over a single URL. The parallax design may thrill the visitors in the present scenario, but it could have negative outcomes in the future.

On the other end of the hue cycle, you have responsive website design. With the future of internet hunts moving in the mobile direction, the search engines are informative sites that spend in responsive design. Not only does it lessen the dangers of running two websites – which makes you capable to matching content but it’s shown to lower bounce rates.

In conclusion, it’s essential that you apprehend the full influence of website design. It isn’t easily a liking or minor selection. From SEO and branding to conversion rates and many more, your site’s design plays an important part in how your brand is discerned by purchasers everywhere.


What is IPVM

IPVM is a term used to describe surveillance equipment. It refers to video cameras networked through an internet protocol system. These cameras allow anyone to monitor an area and record activity in order to detect potential threats to security or valuables.

IP Cameras: A Quick History

The internet protocol camera (IP camera) has become quite the staple in modern video surveillance security systems. This is an updated machine, improved from analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) because IP cameras can both send and receive data through a computer network, over the internet. Essentially, all IP cameras are a type of webcam, but the term “IP camera” belongs exclusively to those webcams reserved specifically for use within video surveillance systems that a user can access directly over a network.

The First [Centralized] IP Camera

The first centralized IP camera was released in 1996. Developed by the engineering pair Martin Gren and Carl-Axel Alm, Axis Communications marketed the Axis Neteye camera as being directly accessible from any internet capable device. It is important to note, however that this is very different than the cameras we have now in that they do not live stream their data. Instead, IP cameras are limited to taking snapshots every time the data is accessed. Essentially, then, they were not known as “motion cameras” when they were first released.

The First [Decentralized] IP Camera

The first decentralized IP camera was released by Mobotix in 1999. This camera operated on the Linux operating system and was capable of recording and managing video functions as well as setting alarms. As such, operation of this camera did not require licensed video management software.

In addition, the first [Decentralized] IP Camera with built-in video content analytics (VCA) was released by Intellio in 2005. This camera continued to improve on the technology with better detection capabilities, as in whether an object was stolen or if a human crossed a line (to enter a specific zone), or if a car is moving the wrong way down a street.

IP Camera Video Standards

Early CCTV cameras relied on previously-established broadcast television formats. These include:

  • Common Intermediate Format (CIF)
  • NTSC
  • PAL

IP cameras using these formats differ from each other in their types and number of features and functions. They also have varying video encoding schemes and different network protocols and API for use by the many different types of video management software.


iLobby Visitor Management Software: Perfect With Assorted Features

So, after going through some research and checking on some reviews, you have decided to head towards iLobby Visitor Management Software and use it for managing the front desk based work. This software is able to present you with just the right amount of functionality you have ever asked for. It helps in increasing the level of efficiency, optimize the current out of date processes and also get the chance to improve security at right time. But there are so many other features which make this platform what you want it to be. For that, it is important to check on the features first before making the right choice.

With the basic features:

iLobby is known to send automatic forms of visitor notifications to hosts through email, SMS, and voice alerting them of guests. It also helps in notifying people of the pickup location of the guests. There are some legal and compliance features available from the source too. iLobby makes it rather easy for the guests to actually complete and then submit some legalized documents in a digital manner. They can avail the services for some efficient form of future lookups.

Next step to focus on:

Once you are satisfied with the basic features, it is time to move forward with it. This software is known to have evacuation mode. It assists users during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all the employees. It helps to let them know that there is a growing evacuation in effect. There are visitor badges available too as major feature from this source. It helps in printing some customized visitor badges for helping employees in recognizing visitors easily and working on their credentials, access durations and clearance levels too. These practices will work big time for you, and within your set rates of course.


Draw On Air or Surface with 3D Printing Pen

Yes you herd it right. You can actually draw on air. How? With the powered heater that melts plastic beads in it, you can either draw normally using it as ink or can lift the nib in the air and draw on air. What actually happens is the plastic gets exuded from the nib and get solidified thus creating 3D objects with many wispy plastic strands. Isn’t that cool?

This is indeed the best and fun technology we have ever seen with a small object as a pen. Surprising thing is that it is not even expensive. It is pocket friendly, user friendly as well as easily carried wherever you go. There are many brands of such pens available in the market today. Let’s see 5 Best Cheap 3D Printing Pens 2018 Reviews & Guidelines to make your job easier if you are thinking of buying one.

  1. MYNT3D professional printing 3D Pens: starting with its sleek and slim design with adjustable feed, it is really professional printing 3D pen that will blow your mind. The adjustable feed helps to control the speed and flow of the ink known as cool ink. You can even use thermoplastic like bronzed filaments and wood. You can even adjust the degree of the ink to your preference which can be monitored on the display provided to better results. Comes with USB power as well AC adapter can be used to charge which comes in the kit. Finally you get to use three colors of ABS plastic filament in one pen. The price is around $70 for one.
  2. 3 doodler create 3D pen: the best part is the comfort that a user get with this pen which comes in an aluminum case. It has got a classy look which no other pen in the market has which is slim, light and easy to use. The great drive system makes it noiseless while working on. Convenientrectangular shape makes it easier to handle.
  3. Soyan standard 3D printing pens: something that is available in colors you would like to work with like blue, grey and yellow and filament with random colors. LED lights included to indicate if it is ready for next process and also speed can be controlled. For a proper usage, user guide is provided which makes your job much easier.
  4. Professional printing 3D pens: almost can be used with all thermoplastic like ABS, PLA, wood and bronzed filaments. Can adjust the speed and flow with the feed provided for a better operation.
  5. 3D printing pens, QPAU intelligent 3D pencil: great for PLA and ABD thermoplastic materials, it gives super control over speed and flow and the temperature can be adjusted. Temperature settings can be viewed on the OLED display. It is very easy to use and follow.

Make your skills more dramatic and exotic with 3D printing pens which is very cheap to buy and easy to use even for beginners. The above mentioned brands are safe to use, tried and tested with good reviews.