iLobby Visitor Management Software: Perfect With Assorted Features

iLobby Visitor Management Software

So, after going through some research and checking on some reviews, you have decided to head towards iLobby Visitor Management Software and use it for managing the front desk based work. This software is able to present you with just the right amount of functionality you have ever asked for. It helps in increasing the level of efficiency, optimize the current out of date processes and also get the chance to improve security at right time. But there are so many other features which make this platform what you want it to be. For that, it is important to check on the features first before making the right choice.

With the basic features:

iLobby is known to send automatic forms of visitor notifications to hosts through email, SMS, and voice alerting them of guests. It also helps in notifying people of the pickup location of the guests. There are some legal and compliance features available from the source too. iLobby makes it rather easy for the guests to actually complete and then submit some legalized documents in a digital manner. They can avail the services for some efficient form of future lookups.

Next step to focus on:

Once you are satisfied with the basic features, it is time to move forward with it. This software is known to have evacuation mode. It assists users during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all the employees. It helps to let them know that there is a growing evacuation in effect. There are visitor badges available too as major feature from this source. It helps in printing some customized visitor badges for helping employees in recognizing visitors easily and working on their credentials, access durations and clearance levels too. These practices will work big time for you, and within your set rates of course.