Draw On Air or Surface with 3D Printing Pen


Yes you herd it right. You can actually draw on air. How? With the powered heater that melts plastic beads in it, you can either draw normally using it as ink or can lift the nib in the air and draw on air. What actually happens is the plastic gets exuded from the nib and get solidified thus creating 3D objects with many wispy plastic strands. Isn’t that cool?

This is indeed the best and fun technology we have ever seen with a small object as a pen. Surprising thing is that it is not even expensive. It is pocket friendly, user friendly as well as easily carried wherever you go. There are many brands of such pens available in the market today. Let’s see 5 Best Cheap 3D Printing Pens 2018 Reviews & Guidelines to make your job easier if you are thinking of buying one.

  1. MYNT3D professional printing 3D Pens: starting with its sleek and slim design with adjustable feed, it is really professional printing 3D pen that will blow your mind. The adjustable feed helps to control the speed and flow of the ink known as cool ink. You can even use thermoplastic like bronzed filaments and wood. You can even adjust the degree of the ink to your preference which can be monitored on the display provided to better results. Comes with USB power as well AC adapter can be used to charge which comes in the kit. Finally you get to use three colors of ABS plastic filament in one pen. The price is around $70 for one.
  2. 3 doodler create 3D pen: the best part is the comfort that a user get with this pen which comes in an aluminum case. It has got a classy look which no other pen in the market has which is slim, light and easy to use. The great drive system makes it noiseless while working on. Convenientrectangular shape makes it easier to handle.
  3. Soyan standard 3D printing pens: something that is available in colors you would like to work with like blue, grey and yellow and filament with random colors. LED lights included to indicate if it is ready for next process and also speed can be controlled. For a proper usage, user guide is provided which makes your job much easier.
  4. Professional printing 3D pens: almost can be used with all thermoplastic like ABS, PLA, wood and bronzed filaments. Can adjust the speed and flow with the feed provided for a better operation.
  5. 3D printing pens, QPAU intelligent 3D pencil: great for PLA and ABD thermoplastic materials, it gives super control over speed and flow and the temperature can be adjusted. Temperature settings can be viewed on the OLED display. It is very easy to use and follow.

Make your skills more dramatic and exotic with 3D printing pens which is very cheap to buy and easy to use even for beginners. The above mentioned brands are safe to use, tried and tested with good reviews.