What you need to teach your kids about using the internet

teach your kids about using the internet

The Internet is like Ying and Yang, it’s black and white and can be used for good and for bad. It has a lot of information that can be accessed and a lot of knowledge that can be imparted to anyone that has the will to search it online. Why you became responsible in utilizing the online information was because you were guided with people that have morals that taught you about right and wrong. Gave you the basis on what is appropriate or not even when the internet wasn’t readily accessible at the time.

Since you’re now a parent it’s also your responsibility to impart that to your kid. Giving them the clear vision on what wrong and what is right. Give them the knowledge that can control them not to delve deeper into the dangerous part of the web. Internet safety for kids is what parents are all about; educate our kids on the behavior of cyberspace and its color. Just like any good Jedi master, our aim is to prevent our kids from venturing into the dark side of the force. Before this becomes a Star Wars topic, let’s redirect back out attention as to why internet safety for our kids is very important.

Educate: We need to educate our kids that the internet is a place that needs guidance. When used properly it can give them a lot of knowledge that we used to go to the library for back in the day; not just reading but also videos as well. It’s a vast amount of knowledge that can help them in solving problems, learn new skills, develop a talent and even realizes their dreams on what they can potentially be.

Effects: The effects of spending too much time on the internet can affect their lives. They will have lesser time going to other extracurricular activities, lesser friends, and no social skills. Let’s not also forget that inactivity causes obesity and stressing the eyes due to long term internet use can also cause damage.

The bad stuff: The dark side of the force, I mean the internet has a dark side as well; it’s called the dark web. It has all the things that you yourself wouldn’t even go to. You don’t necessarily have to tell your kids about it but keep them away from it and just use parental controls to all your kids on the things that he/she can access.

Why usage needs to be limited: You need to teach your kid that life isn’t about discovering the internet, but outside the window. The kids playing, the birds, trees, leaves, wind, rain, the ice cream truck, the candy store and much more. The Internet is just part of life and not their life. They need to realize it so that their activities spending time on the internet will be limited.

Even if the internet had all the answers in the world, there are still things that can be discovered from the world outside the internet. The more that your kid will know this; the more that they will be able to be more responsible in using it.