Some Amazing Features You can Use with Digital Telephone Systems


With different modes of communication available today, it can sometimes be a bit confusing to select the best telephone system for your office. Of course, you need to consider your requirements first and then start looking for the best phone system, but in most cases, you just cannot go wrong with digital telephone systems. So many things make digital phone systems better than other available communication modes. The availability of some interesting features is a big reason why you would be better off putting your money on a digital phone system. Here are some simple yet highly effective features that come with these phone systems:

  • Abbreviated Dialling: It is a great feature for most businesses because it lets you store selected phone numbers for easy and fast dialling. The interesting thing is that each number can be a partial or complete phone number, a feature code, or even an extension.
  • Call Forwarding: Depending on the nature of your business, call forwarding may be an extremely important feature for you. It allows you to redirect a call to a different phone. You can use this feature when you want all your calls forwarded to a specific number or when you want a few calls forwarded to another number when your phone is busy. You can also use this feature to forward calls to another number when there is no answer after 3-5 rings. It is also possible to direct callers to a voicemail.
  • Call Hold: Again, it is a simple yet an extremely important feature for most businesses. It allows you suspend a call without disconnecting it. You can find a hold button on your set that you need to press in case you want to suspend an active call for some time.
  • Call Park: It works quite like ‘Call Hold’. The only difference is that you can put a call on hold on one phone and then answer it from another telephone. In other words, it is call hold and call forwarding features combined together.
  • Call Pickup: You can use this feature to answer a call that has already been received from another extension in your call pickup group. You can decide about who will be included in your call pickup group – you can have individuals located in the same area or individuals with similar functions. You can use this feature when a group member is not around to answer a call.
  • Three-Way Calling: It is another feature that makes digital telephone systems more efficient. It actually means that you can have a conference call where there will be three people listening to each other at the same time.
  • Call Transfer: This is similar to ‘Call Forward’, but is different in the sense that it is not an automated feature. You will have to pick up a call and then you will need to transfer it to another phone. It is important to inform the caller that they are being transferred to another phone for further assistance.