Pay without any hassle via mobile phone

Businesses of all sorts and sizes do understand the benefit of utilising a mobile POS or point regarding sale system. By making it possible for consumers to pay, from any place they are, any mobile point of sale system will assist enterprise generates returns via enhanced engagement, versatility and advanced customer service. Below are listed some of the draws of utilising mobile point of sale by businesses to aid boost revenue.

Mobile payment system

It is the system that permits customers to shell out via mobile devices. Mobile payment systems have been classified into a lot of kinds such as payments through a mobile app, SMS payment, NFC payment etc. Here it is better to state the advantages relating to mobile SMS payment gateway India system. The mobile payment system is beneficial to both enterprises and customers.

Benefits of mobile payment for customers


This system renders the process of payment simple and less intricate. At present consumers are capable of making payment from any place and at any time by making use of their mobile phones that are linked to the internet. They permit consumers to flawlessly buy items or services with no need of physically delivering cash or necessity to swipe a card. The customers are keen for rapid, in- plus-out experiences of shopping. Mobile payment can make it possible to cater to the need of the thousands of customers at once.


By making use of mobile payment, customers do not require worrying about the risks of security related to cash. Or be troubled if they have got sufficient cash within the big physical wallets in this way mobile payment minimises the risks of theft of having too much cash on hand. Furthermore, mobile payment forms a safe way to make payments. Credit card data is not stacked over smartphones straight but secured somewhere else on the cloud. Therefore, no thief is capable of extracting information regarding the credit card details merely by pinching any phone.

Benefits of mobile payment for retailers


One prime benefit can be taken to be the low cost of utilising a barcode scanner or a mobile card reader than using any credit card terminal of your bank that realises from the businessmen fees per month and transaction fees.


Providing mobile payment choices to consumers both offline as well as online renders the process of purchasing very easy for them. This may boost rates of conversion and the customers returning in good number. Furthermore, enterprises can get faster the process of the checkout and also do the business with fancy purchasers who would not have been capable of purchasing something in case a traditional deal was needed.

In this day and age more bulk SMS gateway is available and too much online shops have their consumers shell out payment online by making use of their mobile device. It makes a win-win sort of situation as the consumers are able to leave out filling bothersome forms and buy the products just with one click.


Most Common Problems in Modern Mobile Phones

The modern smartphone is nothing short of a technological wonder. A couple of decades ago, it was impossible to imagine that such a small device could pack so much in it. Nowadays, smartphones don’t just offer you the option of calling others or sending messages. They do a lot more than that. You can use your smartphone for entertainment purposes, for video-conferencing, and a whole lot more. Some of the changes that have occurred in the mobile phone industry over the past few decades include the following:

  • Sharp, clear touch display panels
  • Phone sizes have increased significantly
  • Mobile operating systems have become incredibly user-friendly

However, all of this advancement has come at a price. Modern smartphones are certainly not as durable as the devices of old. There are a number of issues that can arise in your smartphone over time. You must find a trusted mobile phone repairs company in Norwich to repair the problem.

Broken Screen

Most of the real estate in the front of the phone is taken up by the display. If the phone falls flat on its face, there’s a very high chance that the screen will break. Replacing a broken screen is not a simple job, and you need to take your phone to a local repair expert to get it fixed.

Software Issues

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, software issues can arise at any point in time. If your phone gets infected with a virus or freezes all of a sudden, you should get it checked out by someone with skill and experience.


Interesting things about LG G7

This year manufacturers started experimenting with displays, LG is no exception, and it uses the so-called Full Vision display for its LG G6 (by itself, IPS, traditionally for LG) by 5.7 inches with an unconventional resolution of 2880×1440, which corresponds to a ratio of 18: 9 (2: 1). Another futuristic smartphone LG is going to bring next year, the LG G7, which is equipped with the best screen technology, the bendable screen, a great feature. The rumors suggest that the upcoming rocking LG G7 will be blessed with a 5.8-inches screen size embraced with 4K resolution and OLED screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The design concept and features of rocking LG G6 were really impressive and tricky. The G6 frames are thin, the corners are slightly rounded, and the width of the smartphone is commensurable with 5.2-inch models with such a diagonal. The screen supports Dolby Vision and HDR10; of course, you need relevant content, which is still very small. Behind is a double chamber, one with an angle of 71 °, the second – 125 °, there is a stabilizer. This moment is similar to the predecessor. Another interesting story is that the upcoming champ LG G7 is really adorable having a lovable and heart-winning camera quality with a 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual-lens back camera.

LG refused to replace the modules, now the G6 body is completely made of glass and metal and declared protection against dust and water IP68 in accordance with standard 60529 (immersion to a depth of 1. 5 meters for 30 minutes) and impact resistance MIL-STD-810G. When it comes to the protection, LG has always kept a careful eye and so in the case of LG G7; a company is going to increase the safety measures to provide the customers a worry-free phone. It is really apprized to tell you about the hearsay that the beautifully crafted LG G7 has secured from both the sides with Gorilla Glass 5 giving it a nature of waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and even won’t crack if slips out of the hand.

For fans of using the smartphone as a player, there is good news: a 3.5-mm jack is in place, and for the sound is ESS Sabre ES9218 +. In fact, the SoC solution is all in one specifically for smartphones. This was about the LG G6 but it is quite possible that LG G7 could use this as well next year. From the point of view of the insides, the situation is slightly more modest: inside is not the flagship, but very suitable Quad commander Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 at 2.35 GHz (MSM8996) with Adreno 530 graphics, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory with expandability. The tricky thing LG has used in LG G7 is its powerful processor that can even beat the processor of Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon 831). According to an Investor, LG has started working with Qualcomm for it and company is bringing its latest modish LG G7 smartphone with a deluxe Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by 7nm LPP process and Adreno GPU.



Google Pixel 2 Release Date: Second-Gen Smartphone Coming ‘This Year’ With Similar Price

We all expect the release of Google Pixel 2 this year. New information suggests that 3 new models will be available, all 3 equipped with the Snapdragon 835. The developer become a manufacturer may well revisit its range on the rise this year.

Google pixel 2 high range

2016 will have been the year of change for Google. While the company wanted to remain a developer above all on the Android sphere, it finally assumed its ambition to conquer the market as a manufacturer by unveiling the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Two high-potential phones, but still their first try. That’s why we look forward to the future Google Pixel 2, which will be released this time while Google Assistant should also support our beautiful language by September.

3 Google Pixel 2 planned this year with the Snapdragon 835

Now, the builder could have some surprises in his bag. We waited like last year two smartphones, but there would finally … 3! This is at least what the AOSP code reveals, always talkative for the occasion.

This shows that 3 devices are currently under development. First we have Muskie and Walleye, the nicknames given to Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, but also a certain “Taimen” that slips into history.

The 3 devices would be powered by the Snapdragon 835 if one believes this listing, spotted on the AOSP. But the latter is the most mysterious of the three, and might not necessarily be a smartphone.

According to the rumor, it could just as well be a phablet to a big screen than a tablet. The rumor has long been that a new Nexus 7 developed by Huawei is on the agenda for Google. This would even imply the release of Andromeda, the developer’s famous new OS.

We know that all 3 smartphones appeared on Geekbenche in the past few days, all three proved them best and scored well.

One of the three devices, the “Taimen” made its appearance on benchmarks. More precisely, this is Geekbench, a screenshot obviously confirms various information. First, let’s observe the scores: 1804 in single core is rather a good result although we saw better in our tests (for example, the S8 has a score of 1983), and 6248 in multi core. Here again, the S8 and S8 + do better but this remains a very good score.

We can also find various information about the screenshot. First of all, in the first line, the operating system: no surprise this is Android O. This new version of Android can already be tested on some devices and highlights the gap between the various manufacturers Software interface, you will find more information in our article on Android fragmentation.


Smart Virtual Assistant in Galaxy S9 will be better

Samsung has joined the battle of smart assistants with its Galaxy S8, which has integrated into the shell Bixby and even added a single physical button to start it. The new Flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 is going to launch next year with very interesting features and unique display. So are you curious to know all about the new flagship of 2018? Unlike competitors who act rather knowledge base and on the simplest level, allow the use of smartphone functions, Bixby in S8 works immediately on three fronts.

First of all, it is a voice control interface smartphone. It knows how to manage the settings and content on a smartphone – if the gallery has to select multiple photos and ask for “a new album,” Assistant automatically collects footage and add the appropriate section in the albums. A company representative at the presentation gave an example where when viewing the map Bixby called and asked the assistant to take a screenshot and rearrange it to a specific person. In Galaxy S9, You would see an extra effort Samsung has made in Bixby AI to make it more interesting, entertaining and funny.

The second feature – Bixby Home, which is opposed to the “zero» Google Now screen (and occupies the same place in the interface). Samsung’s own development also collects relevant data in the form of cards, pulls weather information and produces the news agenda, as well as able to work with multiple programs. While this is mainly a software company, the manufacturers are already working with third-party developers, which will add support for Bixby. In Galaxy S9, Samsung has not yet assigned it a specific name. But it is expected that the smart virtual assistance Bixby’s AI will hit the market next year with a higher version of Bixby 2.1.

The third “trick» – Bixby Vision. This search function uses the camera: point the phone at an object and see the options for what you can do with the image. At this stage, the program recognizes the place, the text and trying, as does Google Goggles app to identify objects. The latter, in theory, allow you to find the desired footwear, information about drinks and other information, but so far 95% of the attempts to “crawl” that lead to a set of similar images or offer to guess the place indicated on the photo. The latter function is based more on the GPS and data from Foursquare. If we take a look at Galaxy S9, users would get a very good opportunity of using this well-improved assistance as in S8, we might see many faults in Bixby present version that users were not looking happy with S8 Bixby, giving negative feedbacks.

Conclusion ­-

As we have seen many faults in Galaxy S8 Bixby, the smart virtual assistant, we may conclude that S8 is not going to help regarding this feature. Faults like if we point the phone towards a thing, say a curtain, it could you obviously that it is a curtain but will fail to tell where the curtain has made or any other thing as mentioned by Samsung. So, in this case, it is highly recommended to go for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus as the latest version of Bixby will have many surprising functions that would make you give a positive feedback after purchasing the phone.


All you need to know about WhatsApp Spy App

One of the latest technology outbursts trending in the market is spying over Whatsapp, one of the most popular and widely used apps for communicating with friends, family and the loved ones. We all are acquainted with Whatsapp and we love this app, to be very frank. We can share our life updates, images and videos through this app and stay connected with people with whom we love spending time. Plus, you are in any kind of long distance relationship; this app is a bible for you. Thus, if we make good use of technology, technology is safe and our friend. However, is it so with everyone? We guess no. Technology has pros and cons and the world which are getting filled with bad minds, cons are increasing. No doubt, apps like WhatsApp is a good way to socialize with others, but it is not devoid of dangers. Thus, whatsapp spy app is the latest discovery to save your ones from falling into any danger.

What is WhatsApp spy app?

WhatsApp spy app is a new discovery in the world of technology which is endowed with features to keep a track of a person’s activity over WhatsApp. The whatsapp spy app keeps the ability to keep a constant track of the texts and media files that are being sent and received from the number which you want to spy. If you have any doubt regarding your child’s activity over WhatsApp or any other close person of yours, then make use of this app so as to stop them from falling into any trouble before it is too late.

Which age group you should be spying upon?

Logically, wrong deeds are done irrespective of any age group. Adults are mainly the main source of all wrong deeds that are happening in the world. However, certain age groups are vulnerable and can easily be fooled in doing wrong deeds without their knowledge. Generally, we see teenagers getting attracted to wrong things very easily. This is not exactly their fault. A girl or a boy at the age of 13 or 14 suddenly gets exposed to number of things which they somehow find difficult to tackle. They get easily carried away with the flow of their lives, thereby falling into wrong hands or deeds. They also find it very irritating when parents interfere into their lives. Thus, it is most clever for the parents to keep a track of their child’s activity through WhatsApp to stop their children from doing wrong and unsafe stuff like indulging into sexual solicitation or talking to some stranger who might be having bad intension.

Must have Features

When purchasing a WhatsApp spy app, make sure your app has the features that will allow you to keep a good track of a person’s activity over WhatsApp and will meet your expectation.

  • The spy app should be efficiently able to track the messages that are being sent and received from the number of your target.
  • The app should be able to keep a track of all the media files that are being exchanged from your target’s number.
  • Some apps have the feature whereby you will able to block a contact or uninstall Whatsapp all together from your target’s mobile phone if your find the situation slipping out of your hand.

Children Should Have Limited Use of Cell Phones

With the increasing use of technology in all aspects of life, the effects of radiation have become a growing topic in the community. The increased use of technology is greatly in the form of cell phones and children have also increasingly been using this form of technology. There are already several studies that discuss the harmful effects of the radiation a phone gives off. Not only does the radiation harm the body, it is thought to have a more severe effect on children. There are options to protecting you and your children from the effects of the radiation your phone produces. Some of these products are available at Aires Tech.

Increased Use of Cell Phones and Radiation

With the changing times, the use of cell phones has become the most common form of communication. Not only do people use cell phones to connect with people but children are also using cell phones more often as well. The problem with using a cell phone so much is that in order for one to work it must connect with a tower. The phone releases a radiofrequency that connects with the tower to allow the connection to form. This radiofrequency falls on a low frequency but that does not mean that it causes no harm. Prolonged use can affect sensitive organs in the body and are thought to even cause cancer. Some of the more sensitive organs, like the liver, kidneys, colon, and the bladder can be adversely affected by the radiation a cell phone produces.

Cell Phone Radiation and Children

Children are still developing and this is the main reason the radiation from phones is so detrimental. Even more than children; the baby inside the womb can be greatly affected by the radiation from a cell phone. Their brain tissue is still forming and the neurons that are developing can deteriorate. This is the reason that women should limit their use of radiation causing cell phones while pregnant and they should keep these harmful devices away from their stomach. Once the baby is born and even when they are a little older, children are more susceptible to the radiation that comes from a cell phone. This is because they are smaller, their skull is much thinner, and their tissue is more absorbent. Many people allow their children to play on cell phones to keep them busy, which has shown to be a bad choice for the development of a child.

Not only are the radiation from cell phones harmful to adults, but they are much more damaging to children. Parents should consider the negative effects of allowing their children to use cell phones or they should find a way to help protect their child from the radiation a cell phone gives off. While they may seem really cool to play with for a child, cell phones are actually doing more harm than good for the person that is holding it. Everyone should protect themselves as the various technology around all has some form of radiation that it emits.


Why Smart Phones should be Recycled

There is a very high cost and great demand for the metals and compounds that make up our smartphone. Most of us have very little idea on which metals make up the smartphone because we are all too busy sending texts, playing Pokémon Go, making calls or updating our status on social media to worry about what it’s made of.

It is unfortunate that in a world where we all recycle paper, plastic, glass and even garden waste, we hardly ever recycle those precious metals that make up our smartphones. You should never simply chuck away your smartphone once it has ceased to work.

A smartphone contains rare materials that are being constantly mined from the ground in countries all over Africa and Asia. There is only so much of these precious metals and once they are gone, they’re gone.

What is so frustrating is that smartphones are all too easily recycled. So, why are we not doing it more? In order to recycle your old smartphone you need simply log onto to any one of the hundreds of firms which operate in your country and tell them the model you have.

They will instantly reply online through email or registered message the value of your phone in its recycled state. You will be surprised how much you can get for your phone with practically very little effort involved in returning it.

The recycling firm will send you an envelope that is bulky and sufficient to fit your old unwanted smartphone – and it will do this free of charge. Moreover, posting to the recycle firm is paid up front too. The cost of packaging and posting is recovered by the firm when it gives you a low value for your smartphone. Take a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and if you want to recycle this through a leading firm it will get you a paltry £25 ($35). But it is the smart way of getting something back for your phone.

There are a number of things you must do before returning your smartphone to a recycling firm: delete all your browsing history, log out of any email accounts or social media sites and make a back-up of all the contacts on your address book.

To transfer your address-book you can send it into a cloud storage account or similar. Make sure you take out the SIM card plus any extra storage SD cards too.


5 useful apps to help you learn Python on your Android-smartphone

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. In this article, we will explain how to make your studying of this language more interesting if you have a smart phone on Android or gadgets like innovative Samsung tablet and a little bit of free time.

Learn Python

Under this name, you can find three good applications at Google Play (in general, there are more of them, but the installation of others is not even worth your time). The simplest of them is an Udemy course in Python 2.x packed by the SoloLearn team in the Android-application format. It contains lessons that are divided into two levels: basic ones and advanced ones. Inside, there is a brief background material in text or PDF-format. For individual lessons, there are working code examples. One more advantage of this app is that it does not require an internet connection.

Learn Python Programming

The second application developed by the Phoenix App Labs studio has the broadest functionality and the most colorful interface. There are not just lessons for beginners and for those who have learned the language already, but also there is a possibility to download ready-made projects for Python directly from the application. The apps also gives you a detailed statistics of what you have learned, a separate tab for a simple access to your own programs, and an element of social competition in the form of an online championship coding with a board of honor. Upon a successful completion of the course, every user receives a certificate, which is really cool.


It is a full-fledged environment for programming in Python for Android-devices. It includes a Python interpreter, a console, an editor and a SL4A-library, which lets you create and run scripts directly on the gadget. Therefore, in this application, you can code and create your own projects.

Python Documentation

A stylish application with a documentation for Python 3.5. It is capable of working offline. There is a section with examples of finished code, although the main purpose of the program is that it is rather a tool to help those who have already mastered the basic principles of the language. It has a very user friendly search and a simple navigation.

Quiz & Learn Python

This app is created for training of existing programming skills in Python 2.7 in the form of short questions touching upon both the basics of programming in Python, as well as very specific and unexpected ways of coding. Quiz & Learn Python keeps a statistics based on your answers speed. Depending on your progress, the questions can get more complicated. They can be skipped (and this affects the progress: The program starts asking simple questions). In addition, with the integrated debugger, you can write a question and check the answer in practice.

Summarizing, we can say that today, if you have a good smartphone your possibilities are truly endless. And in this context, you might want to check out cutting edge Samsung smartphone at the best price.


Detect the location by tracing a mobile phone number

The mobile number tracking system is one of the best ways to find locations of any cell phone numbers. This tracing process is similar to the search engines by simply putting the number in a search engine query on the website that can provide you much information like name, address and location of your mobile number. With this tracing service, you can trace the current location, mobile operator name, ISP name and also the signal as well as network type of the number. There are plenty of websites available on the internet that offer this kind of beneficial service to trace mobile number as well as getting accurate and reliable information.

When it comes to tracing the mobile number, it just requires one thing, i.e. the cellular number of a caller. First of all, you have to find the right website who offers efficient tracking services to the customers. Once you find the website, you just copy the mobile number from your call log and paste it in the search box of the lookup website before clicking the search button. Once you click on the Ok button, you will obtain the details of following things such as name, age, address, location and all information.

Guides to trace a mobile number

Tracing a mobile number is an easy task that needs to follow some simple techniques. Once you find the website, you just give the four to five digits of number in the search box. It gives a clue to which circle does the number belongs to. The first two digits of numbers can always belong to the telecom circle in the country. All you need to do is to simply put the number in the search engine, which provides the entire information about the number. There are lots of reverse number tracing websites available and some tracing sites offer paid services. When compared to free sites, the paid service provides you the detailed information much efficiently.

Coupling methods of tracing mobile numbers

In recent times, the mobile trace number is commonly used by the bill collectors. The major reason for using this tracing cell phone number is to identify the name and address of the person. Today, many of the online websites offer some tools and techniques that help you to trace the mobile numbers associated with the person more efficiently. Typically, there are two short methods available to trace mobile number, that helps to find the details of name, address and location such as,

  • Using regular search engines

It is one of the best ways to trace the mobile number is using search engines. You just collect the number from the call log and place it in the search box. This will show the detailed information of specific mobile phone number.

  • Using web detective portals

There are plenty of online detective portals available on the internet that offers online detective software to find their address. Once you give the mobile number, it will bring all your requested information about the specific person’s mobile phone number.