Your Business, Your Choice: Three Types of Data Storage at Your Disposal

Data Storage

There is no escaping it: backup and disaster recovery is essential to every business. Australia has witnessed some of the nastiest compliance breaches in modern business and this makes effective data storage absolutely critical to company protection. The last thing you want is a cybercriminal hacking your data as you will not only be at their ransom but you will also pay a hefty fine to the Commonwealth!

Therefore, you need the best data storage solution possible, and one that is going to ensure your business is safe from human, natural and technological threats. Thankfully, Australia is a nation with stringent compliance regulations, and this means companies that can accommodate for those requirements.

Here, we are going to talk about three types of backup and disaster recovery solutions available at your disposal, to ensure that you know which one you can utilise to ensure compliance and protection:

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When it comes to data storage Australia, the hands-off model is one that many business owners choose as it allows information protection experts to manage your sensitive information on your behalf. You will have your backup and disaster recovery solution fully managed by a team of experts whose number one priority is ensuring your information is safe and secure.

This completely alleviates the stress of onsite management and maintenance with an end-to-end solution that takes the burden off your IT team. Your providers will take full control of your solution framework, implementation, testing, restoration and ongoing management, ensuring that you really don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to ensuring your information is protected!

  1. Tailored

This is the perfect solution for companies that require a cost-effective and customised solution for their backup and disaster management. For example, you may run a relatively new business with the potential to scale up at a moment’s notice.

One day, you have a stroke of social media genius that sends thousands of new customers to your website and immediately grows your business. This is awesome, and it happens, and when it does your business will need a scalable solution that will ensure your new success can handle any threats that may be lurking around to spoil the party.

This solution will not only provide 24/7 backup and disaster data recovery, but will also offer ransomware protection, security and compliance and cutting-edge technology that ensures any complexities and unwanted costs are completely alleviated from your budget.

Your provider should see your business as a highly versatile entity that can grow at any moment. Therefore, they should offer a solution that accommodates this need and can do so with state of the art online features.

  1. Self-service

Want to handle your own data storage solution? Well, of course you can! This easy-to-use backup situation allows you to manage your sensitive information at our secure offsite location. This allows you to protect any information from wherever you may be using the coveted 3-2-1 rule (three informational copies utilising two storage methods one of which is the cloud).

This solution allows for optimised protection as you can easily access your sensitive information in the event of an emergency. You will have little trouble retrieving your sensitive information through the provider’s secure offsite location and this further ensures that the information is safe and protected in the event of an emergency.

Each of these options comes with their own awesome benefits – which one is perfect for your business?