Enterprise software development lifecycle

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development focuses on a company’s needs rather than individual user’s needs. Since enterprise apps are used within a company, they are developed based on the internal environment and business processes. Organizations of different sizes and industries have different demands. The goal of enterprise applications is to fulfill a company’s specific needs and meet specific business goals.

The majority of modern enterprise systems implement the SaaS model when software is developed using web technologies and is hosted on a cloud. Sofware as a service approach ensures rapid performance and flexibility of a system. However, some organizations still prefer traditional desktop apps as they provide greater security and control.

6 steps of enterprise software development lifecycle

The development of enterprise software requires thorough preparation, careful planning, and well-established processes. A clear vision of the project’s goal and qualified implementation get a fair opportunity to penetrate the market and even set an industry standard.

Here is your step-by-step guide to efficient enterprise software development.

Product discovery

The product discovery phase involves an in-depth analysis of the organization’s needs. The process starts by gathering requirements from project stakeholders and adapting existing ideas to current workflows. In this way, you can answer some important questions that will affect the course of your enterprise software development project.

Planning and estimating

Planning determines the project roadmap for meeting business goals, budget, and deadlines. Effective planning helps allocate resources wisely and avoid typical stumbling blocks during software product development. With detailed technical specifications at hand, you can identify the rough estimates for delivering an MVP.


Armed with the results gathered in the discovery phase, product designers step into customer’s shoes and walk through multiple use scenarios. After determining usability logic, designers create functional prototypes of the future enterprise system. This approach eliminates the risks of system redesign at a later stage.


From now on, developers come into play: they will set up the cloud environment and create the business logic and the user interface. Focusing on the core features is critical while developing software for the enterprise. Remember that you don’t need the most advanced software. You need software that suits your organization and delivers business value.


The quality assurance team will perform a series of manual and automated tests to ensure the quality of code and user experience, including functional, load, compatibility, performance, and security testing. Often it means going back to the previous stage to fix bugs and improve performance, but worry not — it’s a good thing. It’s always better to find the bug yourself than letting users find the bug for you.

Deployment and maintenance

At this stage, the freshly built and tested product moves to a production environment where users can see and try it out. Now is the best time to fine-tune your enterprise system by adding new features and improvements according to user feedback.

Technically, enterprise software development is a niche in software development. The main difference lies in the context of its use. While general software development refers to both customer-focused and business-focused products, enterprise software development targets specific organizations within a specific industry.


iLobby Visitor Management Software: Perfect With Assorted Features

So, after going through some research and checking on some reviews, you have decided to head towards iLobby Visitor Management Software and use it for managing the front desk based work. This software is able to present you with just the right amount of functionality you have ever asked for. It helps in increasing the level of efficiency, optimize the current out of date processes and also get the chance to improve security at right time. But there are so many other features which make this platform what you want it to be. For that, it is important to check on the features first before making the right choice.

With the basic features:

iLobby is known to send automatic forms of visitor notifications to hosts through email, SMS, and voice alerting them of guests. It also helps in notifying people of the pickup location of the guests. There are some legal and compliance features available from the source too. iLobby makes it rather easy for the guests to actually complete and then submit some legalized documents in a digital manner. They can avail the services for some efficient form of future lookups.

Next step to focus on:

Once you are satisfied with the basic features, it is time to move forward with it. This software is known to have evacuation mode. It assists users during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all the employees. It helps to let them know that there is a growing evacuation in effect. There are visitor badges available too as major feature from this source. It helps in printing some customized visitor badges for helping employees in recognizing visitors easily and working on their credentials, access durations and clearance levels too. These practices will work big time for you, and within your set rates of course.


Migrate Microsoft SQL to MySQL


It’s hard to evaluate Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Both programs are useful to develop advanced, dependable and effective databases. Even so, many agencies have decided to convert MSSQL to MySQL to take benefits of that database management system:

• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Enterprise edition of MySQL is priced at few times lower than Microsoft SQL and that differences became a lot more essential after Microsoft modified the SQL Server 2012 pricing from Per Processor to Per Core.
• Open Source – free access to the source code enables every specialist to understand how the system is functioning or even fix some issues without relating to the developer. It allows unlimited tuning and improvement of MySQL server.
• Cross-Platforming – it is possible to develop MySQL database on a Windows laptop and thereafter deploy on Windows or Linux server. It offers a superior and flexible experience when picking server platform.

Migration Methods

You can find several ways of transferring MS SQL databases to MySQL server, each of them posses strong and weak sides:
• fully manual mode – all database objects are migrates by human manually. It’s really tedious, however gives 100% control over the approach.
• half-automated solution according to free tools like Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) or MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard which will help to move table structures (DDL) and the data. Indexes, contraints, views, triggers and stored procedures should be converted into MySQL format manually.
• automated migration by means of the proper commercial tools. Doing this is extremely time-saving, however everyone who take it ought to entirely trust that product. Also, niether of the migration tools are able to handle conversion of stored procedures totally as a result of complex nature of the method. So, manual rewriting of the code would be needed.
In spite of the fact which approach has been decided on, anyone in charge of database migration ought to know about potential bottlenecks and the way to validate the outcomes.

Table structures (DDL)

Most forms of MS SQL and MySQL are indifferent and don’t need any mapping. Below is the list of types that needs more consideration due to the fact they don’t possess direct equivalent in the target database format:

SQL Server MySQL

Also, it is essential to concentrate on VARCHAR column lengths, because in SQL Server this type can contain up to 2,147,483,647 characters while MySQL VARCHAR is limited by 65,535 symbols only.

Data Migration

Once all MS SQL tables have been transformed into MySQL, the next thing is to move the data: extract it from SQL Server, transform and load into the destination database.
It’s possible using Data Transformation Services and Integration Services which are a part of SQL Server installation. These Microsoft tools support moving SQL Server data to MySQL with no work although call for some DBA knowledge.

For people who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Integration Services there’s another strategy that’s a mixture of the SQL Server bulk copy program (BCP) and the MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE. SQL Server BCP exports data in the source table into comma separate values (.csv) format that can be loaded into MySQL with LOAD DATA INFILE.

After data migration is finished it’s greatly advised to execute follow-up checks to be certain things are as it ought to be.

Indexes and Constraints

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and higher has system stored method that can extract details about indexes with all attributes for the current database. It can be used as follows:

use database_name;
sp_helpindex table_name;

Once all the necessary information about indexes is extracted, it is possible to compose MySQL statements for creating those indexes in the destination database. Examples below demonstrate how to create primary key, unique index and simple (non-unique) index:

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD PRIMARY KEY key_name (column_1, column_2, …);
ALTER TABLE table_name ADD UNIQUE INDEX index_name (column_1, column_2, …);
ALTER TABLE table_name ADD INDEX index_name (column_1, column_2, …);

Note that MySQL does not support index names longer than 64 bytes. Indexes with names longer than 64 bytes must be renamed.

List of foreign key constraints with all attributes can be extracted in Microsoft SQL using system stored procedure “sp_helpconstraint”:

use database_name;
sp_helpconstraint table_name;

After all necessary information about foreign keys is extracted, each of them can be created in MySQL as follows:

ALTER TABLE child_table_name
ADD CONSTRAINT foreign_key_name
FOREIGN KEY(child_column_1, child_column_2, …)
parent_table_name(parent_column_1, parent_column_2, …);


Syntax of CREATE VIEW statements in SQL Server is similar to MySQL, so it requires just a kind of find/replace work to convert MS SQL view definitions in MySQL format. Basically, it is necessary to replace certain conditions, operators and embedded functions with MySQL equivalents. More details on the matter can be found in article “10 tips on Converting MS SQL Queries to MySQL

Stored Procedures

The saved methods are the most complex part of the migration approach and none of migration tools available can deal with it at 100%.


Why downloading Spotify APK is very tempting

Spotify is one of the largest Music apps out there that you can even compare to the likes of Google Music and iTunes. It has millions of songs in its lineup that any people from any walks of life and feeling can always find solace in music thru Spotify.

It’s free to download by the way but you do need to subscribe if you wish to get the premium and get more out of your Spotify experience. What if you got a bug in your Spotify and the fix was in the newer version that wasn’t released yet? How do you get it, you download Spotify APK!

Bug fixes: That’s right if the newer version promises to remedy this and their update is still unreleased or still present in the other platform, you can always get it but here’s the cache, it’s not available in the play store all the time. It can either be available online in the official Spotify site, credible websites that offer a leak of this update. Whatever it is, it’s better to be safe and download the APK version on credible and trusted sites only.

Unreleased: One of our greatest mentalities is that we always want are the new things. We make it viral even for a fact that it’s new. Some can brag getting the iPhone 8 even when it’s still not released in the country yet and it makes them cool, Spotify is no different really. It might not be a device but it has new cool features that are still in beta that is not yet released but you managed to get your hands on it thru a beta program or leaks then that makes you a cool kid too. This is one of the strengths about APK and why many people love Android.

Rooting precaution: Some people or instructions advise you that before you can update the Spotify app that you need your device to get rooted. This isn’t really entirely true because not all APKs require you to root your device. Rooting is a hit or miss thing, consider it dangerous that can potentially harm your device especially if you’re doing it on your own without any first-hand experience in rooting a device. Also rooting an OS void’s its warranty, so if your device gets broken the phone manufacturer will no longer fix your device. If you do need to root then it’s a risk that you should accept.

What you need to know about APKs is that yeah it makes you cool, makes you popular in school for a day, your videos get a viral stamp of approval all because you got the beta or the next better version of the app before anyone can get it but you should know that whenever you do this you need to be careful because not all sources are credible and some are just making their APKs as apps when in fact it’s actually a virus. Instead of you getting a head of the competition you’re now the victim that lost his money and other personal information.


Affordable yet professional instagram services make every business owner happy

Many companies in recent times catch the attention of business people worldwide by the most special support and services about the instagram. If you are a business owner and willing to make your instagram business page popular, then you can get in touch with the professional instagram service provider on online. You will get the most excellent assistance on time and fulfil overall expectations on the business development.

Out of the ordinary ads about business promotional issues may confuse you. You can get rid of this confusion after you have successfully contacted a reliable company known by its instagram services. There are loads of things to bear in mind before you have decided to buy instagram followers on online. For example, you have to focus on the business competition and popularity of your instagram business page.

Dedicated services on time

Instagram experts these days have a dedication to providing the most excellent support and services at the lowest possible prices. They use the best resources and advanced technologies with an objective to make the brand of their customers on online very popular within a short period. You can directly make contact with these instagram specialists and get the best services as per your requirements. You will be happy to promote your brand and succeed in your business niche beyond what you have expected.

Smart business owners throughout the world nowadays buy instagram followers and get the most excellent benefits as expected. They not only save their money, but also priceless time while promoting their brand through the instagram service. Excellent support and services on time make every customer of the trustworthy instagram service provider happier than ever. Readers of unbiased and the latest reviews of the number one company in the instagram services sector can clarify their doubts and make a good decision about how to make their business very popular.

Get the best return on investment

Almost every business person likes to invest in the most suitable instagram service and gets the highest possible return on investment within a short period. They can directly contact RiseSocial on online and get the following favourable things.

  • Totally Genuine services
  • Target audience
  • Extra features
  • Safe & Secure

Crystal clear details about instagram services of this leading company give you the most outstanding guidance and encourage you use such services for promoting your business. You will succeed in your business niche as expected.


All You Need to Know About an Effective Task Management Software

Task management is the key to any task that an individual or a group of people handle together. By definition, task management includes the planning, tracking, and evaluation of the results.

Every task has some goals and task management helps to keep every level of work on the right track. This way, the achievement of the desired goals becomes easier. This is the reason why most of the important tasks require a task manager.

Here, in this article, you will find all the necessary information about an effective task management tool.

  1. Task manager

A task manager has the responsibility to analyze the work progress and monitor one or multiple teams. The task managers assign the jobs to various team members and get the report on multiple tasks. The analysis of the work and bringing efficiency in the whole process is the prime goal of the task manager.

In the modern age, the role of a task manager is usually given to a software. There is multiple online task management software free to help businesses and other tasks become efficient.

  1. Capacities of an effective software

A modern task management tool has multiple effective capacities to offer. It makes all of the complicated tasks simple by organizing and automating the workflow.

It all starts with the planning of the task. The software helps you plan and setting each aspect of the task. This clears your mind from the start and keeps you on the right track. Including that, the software helps in scheduling everything in accordance with each other. Hence, no part interrupts any other part of the task. Along with that, these managers also help you understand, which task needs to be completed before others.

That being said, the preset date of completion of the task come in front of you. So, you can easily estimate the time period and promise a comfortable time of completion to your clients. With the estimation, you can also hand over the jobs and responsibility to the relevant employees. Easy assignment dissemination makes increases the speed of every step.

Once the task is assigned to relevant people, the tracking and analysis of the gathered reports help in keeping the process efficient.

  1. The benefits of having an effective software

Having an effective online task management software online can help you evolve your business. Yes, the combined view of the overall task becomes visible through this software. With this, you can easily keep an eye on the multiple procedures along with their results.

All in all, it would not be wrong to say that getting an effective software would be a wise move in order to make your tasks efficient and stress-free. And along with that, you also get to ensure the desired results and outcomes from every task you take on hand.

So, now you know all about the task management software. Make sure you get an effective one and ensure the successful results every time.


How Enterprise Password Synchronization Can Be Done With Single Sign-On Solution

Are you looking for the best practices of data security? Well, in this case nothing can be the best option other than single sign-on strategy. Since it is so very challenging to remember several passwords therefore SSO solution is the best strategy. This strategy will not only protect your data but you can also avail the facility of personalized data access.

Enterprise password synchronization is one of the greatest benefits for which most of the business concerns choose SSO. In this case, business data is being synchronized in a customized manner so that the user can access the same. In this way, data hacking chances can be reduced to a great extent and your business information will remain highly protected.

How business data can be protected with SSO facility?

Now, enterprise password synchronization is no more a difficult task rather it can be easily and smoothly done by means of single sign-on option. Identity of the users can be easily verified as a result of which secured access can be availed. Cloud-based security facility is included in order to make this facility more advanced and innovative in nature. You can now make access of your account anytime and anywhere.

Both business administration and productivity can be increased to a great extent with the effective usage of SSO facility. Unauthenticated data exchange can be restricted and thus no data of your company will get transferred without your permission or knowledge. The list of company’s corporate clients and customers can be easily maintained without any obstacles. Enterprise SSO is now treated as one of the most useful categories for all kinds of business concerns including large, medium and small organizations.

You should choose only one particular department that will take care of all your business details and then only you can realize the fruitful impacts of SSO. The department will make necessary alterations for making the account personalized. In fact, now the management can track the data-access timing quite accurately. Since SSO is operation-focussed therefore the overall business operations can be protected. SSO can help you to get absolutely risk-free data access and on the other emergency conditions can be properly controlled.

The management can now get the freedom of taking business decisions quickly with easy enterprise password synchronization. This synchronization is not only helpful in making the business improved but you can also plan for expansion without any stress. Global profile can be created and managed with greater efficiency with data synchronization by SSO. The cost of company security can be reduced as a result of which business expenses can be curtailed. Unique ID numbers can be maintained for bringing acute security within the organization.

SSO can protect different types of business data and this is why you will find it quite flexible. Advanced technology is being used in SSO software so that hackers fail to crack the password codes. Data synchronization can be done in such a manner that any data can be accessed anytime including even the old ones.


All you need to Know about Clickup Project Management Software gets unleashed!

With development in technology and growing use of Internet, paperless documentation is going more popular across business platforms. While traditionally, all the documentation would require lengthy paperwork requiring a lot of time and cost, coming up of modernised softwares have made it possible to manage technical documentation in electronic forms. When it comes to successful project development, nowadays we have loads of internet and mobile applications that can prove quite handy and resourceful in managing all the work and drafting the final schedule of the project.

One such user friendly project management software that is available in the form of application compatible with android and iOS mobile platforms is the Clickup.

What are the various features of Click Up?

  • Custom Task Scheduling and Status
  1. Project management requires clear division of workload among various teams so that every member of the team can work sincerely which adds to the success of the overall project.This step often refereed as planning requires assigning responsibilities to employs prioritising what are important tasks and then setting up deadlines so that the work gets completed within the stipulated deadline.

  1. With a Customise Task Status Tool, click up lets you manage all the scheduling that has two options before every task: Done or Not Done. In the form of simple to do list, this feature allows you to maintain your own list of task status and keep a track of what is done and what is still pending to be completed.
  • Managing Multi Task Together

From form filling to report drafting to sending emails, there will be multiple task required to be done within the same frame of time. Hence ,Click up comes with its own multi task tool that can let you maintain as well as make any changes to multiple task together without wasting time on single task separately.

  • Agile Board View and Management

While following agile methodology for your project management, you will need a comprehensive study and tracking of each phase. And Click up will prove extremely useful for agile management. Along with managing other views, an agile board will help you keep track of the phases that go well in project development.

  • Multiple Assignment Tool

For group tasks, you will require assignment of more than one people into a particular activity and task. In that case, Click up multiple assignment tools will help you manage multiple task management smoothly.

  • Visual Consistency

With its table layout and box arrangement, all your information will easily breakdown into a strategic format where it will become very easy to record and refer information anytime. Categorisation makes it further easy to track down information through a search filter that comes in built with the software.

Hence,if you are an efficient looking for a project management tool,then Clickup seems to be a promising option to consider today!


Objective- Your One Stop Solution For The Best Software Services

Objective is a UK based professional software Development Company that works throughout the UK and is highly established in London and Essex. The company possesses experienced and professional .NET development experts possessing the capability of creating out of the world software solutions which can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. The company works with the objective of helping its clients improve their business processes and operations. This is the best source for you if you are looking for cloud development, database programming, systems integration, client portals, tablet and mobile applications as well as customized systems.

The Industries Served by the Company

The company serves different industries which include property, travel, service, construction, media and manufacturing. The clients taking the services of this company trust its services and recommend the services of the company whenever and wherever required. This is due to the fact that the company excels in the field of delivering successful and promising software development assignments. The SQL database developers and the .NET development professionals working with the company have great confidence and this has helped the firm in building custom-made databases and software applications.

Services Offered by the Company

Objective offers top class software development services that can be used in a very simple manner. The software development services provided by the company are responsive to the requirements of the clients. The company guides its clients in making their business effective with the smart use of advanced technology. The company uses latest Tools Microsoft .NET Development and Microsoft Technologies for delivering the best software development services. Most basic tools used by the company include Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts, Microsoft .NET which includes, VB.Net and ASP.Net and Web Services. The exclusive services provided by the company are as follows:

  • Web Development: The Company specializes in creating highly effective and functional well applications, digital marketing technologies, add-ons for CMS or content management system and mobile websites. It delivers technically brilliant development within stipulated time frames ensuring everything is attractive and good.
  • Mobile Website Development: The Company excels in the field of developing functional and attractive websites for tablets and mobiles being used in modern day businesses. The company does this by making use of the expert web development skills of its designers and developers. Websites developed by this company offer great user experience and go a long way in creating that first impression.
  • Mobile and Tablet Applications: By using the services of its expert professionals, the company develops first class tablet and mobile applications for Android, iOS and Window devices. These services help clients in defining their mobile strategy, increasing the satisfaction of the customers, transforming their business procedures and building their very own brand.

The Bottom Line

Working for owner-managed, corporate brands and small to medium businesses throughout the UK, Objective has gone a long in achieving the much required success. The company goes an extra mile to exceeding the expectations of its clients. The company serves different sectors specifically putting it great effort in almost every sphere of work.


Use Chroma Key Software To Liven Up Ordinary Videos

Have you ever wondered how Christopher Reeves managed to fly in his iconic Superman movie? Well, all credit goes to a brilliant cinematic advancement called chroma key effect. The chroma key strategy is a process where the characters previously shot against a solid colored plain background (green mostly) are put into some special background effect later to create the desired catchy feel in the movie. You must have seen actors shot against collapsing skyscrapers or burning cars- all of these are actually the results of using chroma keying technical effect on the primary green background.

The good news is that much like the professional blockbuster movies you can also have the chroma key effect on your home videos. Yes, to help you out there is the green screen software applications that will enable you to assure very pro-like special background effects for your otherwise plain shots. Just shoot the video before some solid colored backdrop (say green) & use the green screen/chroma key software to make that background transparent. Now, add on the desired video clip, say a beach view or majestic mountains or lush forests, as the special background just like a blockbuster movie.

You would have to download & install the software in your computer. Make sure to take up a through comparative study on different video editing software products before finalizing on the ultimate product. The one you take to should be backed a strong healthy reputation in the market.

After you have installed the software in your computer, the next step is to import two media files, including the one with solid colored background & the other with special background picture- into the software program. In case, you don’t have an appropriate clip for the special background layer in your own photo collection, you can derive them from the licensed video content sites.

After you have got both the files into your software program, it’s time to use chroma key tool to clear out the solid background color so that it gets transparent. If you can’t make the background fully transparent, get the closest shade possible. Then complete the chroma-key process by applying the special background effect to the original file. Finally, save the new video file which you can either convert to DVD or upload online on social networking sites or convert for a mobile device.