Use Chroma Key Software To Liven Up Ordinary Videos


Have you ever wondered how Christopher Reeves managed to fly in his iconic Superman movie? Well, all credit goes to a brilliant cinematic advancement called chroma key effect. The chroma key strategy is a process where the characters previously shot against a solid colored plain background (green mostly) are put into some special background effect later to create the desired catchy feel in the movie. You must have seen actors shot against collapsing skyscrapers or burning cars- all of these are actually the results of using chroma keying technical effect on the primary green background.Use Chroma Key Software To Liven Up Ordinary Videos

The good news is that much like the professional blockbuster movies you can also have the chroma key effect on your home videos. Yes, to help you out there is the green screen software applications that will enable you to assure very pro-like special background effects for your otherwise plain shots. Just shoot the video before some solid colored backdrop (say green) & use the green screen/chroma key software to make that background transparent. Now, add on the desired video clip, say a beach view or majestic mountains or lush forests, as the special background just like a blockbuster movie.

You would have to download & install the software in your computer. Make sure to take up a through comparative study on different video editing software products before finalizing on the ultimate product. The one you take to should be backed a strong healthy reputation in the market.

After you have installed the software in your computer, the next step is to import two media files, including the one with solid colored background & the other with special background picture- into the software program. In case, you don’t have an appropriate clip for the special background layer in your own photo collection, you can derive them from the licensed video content sites.

After you have got both the files into your software program, it’s time to use chroma key tool to clear out the solid background color so that it gets transparent. If you can’t make the background fully transparent, get the closest shade possible. Then complete the chroma-key process by applying the special background effect to the original file. Finally, save the new video file which you can either convert to DVD or upload online on social networking sites or convert for a mobile device.