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The influence of web Design on SEO and Branding

What you require to be aware of presently is that it could be building up your business back in more ways than one. Web design, while actually essential from a philosophy of art view, encloses much more. From SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design influences your whole internet existence. Design elements are digitally stronger than content, in terms of doubt. According to an investigation, when asked to explain why they doubted a website, 94 percent of visitors straightaway said about the web design elements, while only 6 percent mentioned particular content. While the study was aimed towards health sites, it appears to be feasible that the similar fundamental truth would carry over to other industries.

Web design might be most essential, but the content is still important. When those similar participants were inquired to give causes for why they faith in specific websites, content played a role in 83 percent of the replies. People prefer sites that are instructive, pertinent, fresh, plain, and impartial. They particularly enjoy when sites give age-particular detail and give answers to often asked questions.

Both content and Web Design & Development are especially essential, and moreover, they go together. Without standard design, your visitors possibly won’t take the time to go through the content you’ve infused in. And while your site design should fulfil human eyes, it also influences other routes of your business particularly SEO, branding, and conversion rates.

When moving towards web design with SEO in mind, you have to think permanently. Design fashions come and go, but your brand and online existence will endure. Emphasising too much on brief design fashions can be difficult, but you also don’t desire to wholly neglect present styles. One of the most current trends is parallax design or the design that presents a single page that appears to go on forever. Users prefer it because they can constantly scroll through content, while website owners love it because it keeps users engrossed. Don’t involve on the search engines to be parallax fans, moreover. By keeping away the conventional website structure that search engines utilise to creep, you’re lifting certain alarm bells. In addition to, you’re stretching out a whole website’s value of keywords over a single URL. The parallax design may thrill the visitors in the present scenario, but it could have negative outcomes in the future.

On the other end of the hue cycle, you have responsive website design. With the future of internet hunts moving in the mobile direction, the search engines are informative sites that spend in responsive design. Not only does it lessen the dangers of running two websites – which makes you capable to matching content but it’s shown to lower bounce rates.

In conclusion, it’s essential that you apprehend the full influence of website design. It isn’t easily a liking or minor selection. From SEO and branding to conversion rates and many more, your site’s design plays an important part in how your brand is discerned by purchasers everywhere.

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What you need to teach your kids about using the internet

The Internet is like Ying and Yang, it’s black and white and can be used for good and for bad. It has a lot of information that can be accessed and a lot of knowledge that can be imparted to anyone that has the will to search it online. Why you became responsible in utilizing the online information was because you were guided with people that have morals that taught you about right and wrong. Gave you the basis on what is appropriate or not even when the internet wasn’t readily accessible at the time.

Since you’re now a parent it’s also your responsibility to impart that to your kid. Giving them the clear vision on what wrong and what is right. Give them the knowledge that can control them not to delve deeper into the dangerous part of the web. Internet safety for kids is what parents are all about; educate our kids on the behavior of cyberspace and its color. Just like any good Jedi master, our aim is to prevent our kids from venturing into the dark side of the force. Before this becomes a Star Wars topic, let’s redirect back out attention as to why internet safety for our kids is very important.

Educate: We need to educate our kids that the internet is a place that needs guidance. When used properly it can give them a lot of knowledge that we used to go to the library for back in the day; not just reading but also videos as well. It’s a vast amount of knowledge that can help them in solving problems, learn new skills, develop a talent and even realizes their dreams on what they can potentially be.

Effects: The effects of spending too much time on the internet can affect their lives. They will have lesser time going to other extracurricular activities, lesser friends, and no social skills. Let’s not also forget that inactivity causes obesity and stressing the eyes due to long term internet use can also cause damage.

The bad stuff: The dark side of the force, I mean the internet has a dark side as well; it’s called the dark web. It has all the things that you yourself wouldn’t even go to. You don’t necessarily have to tell your kids about it but keep them away from it and just use parental controls to all your kids on the things that he/she can access.

Why usage needs to be limited: You need to teach your kid that life isn’t about discovering the internet, but outside the window. The kids playing, the birds, trees, leaves, wind, rain, the ice cream truck, the candy store and much more. The Internet is just part of life and not their life. They need to realize it so that their activities spending time on the internet will be limited.

Even if the internet had all the answers in the world, there are still things that can be discovered from the world outside the internet. The more that your kid will know this; the more that they will be able to be more responsible in using it.

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SEO and the promotion of your business

In this internet world, search engine optimization is the most important thing than any other and it is very much essential for the business people to know about it. Every business men have to understand about the real meaning of SEO and its potentiality in the businesses. In general, SEO is a cobination of protocols that need to be tracked by website holders in order to enhance their websites for reaching the first position in the search engine results. So overall, it is used for improving the ranking in the search engine. In addition to these, these are also helpful in making the websites into a user-friendly, easy to navigate type and faster than before. SEO can also be considered to be the framework of entire process. One of the most common reasons that are found in recent times for the business failure is not optimizing your business website. Therefore in order to help you overcome such circumstances, one can find a lot of SEO Services Company like One Stop Media who are very much expertise in converting the browsers into buyers.

Importance of SEO

In this highly competitive world, SEO is more important when comparing to other kinds of business development strategies. It is important because:

  • Most of the search engines users usually click on the top 5 suggestions in the result page of their search. Therefore in order to take advantage of this, most of the companies want to be a part of that so that they can gain more number of visitors who then can be turned into the customers for your online stores.
  • It is must to say that SEO is not about the search engines but it is all about the SEO practices that are helpful in increasing the experience of the user and the website usability.
  • These SEO’s are actually a good kind of promotion to your business website. When people are searching Google will obviously promote the social media networks called the twitter, facebook, etc.
  • This helps in promoting the smooth progress of website which thereby helps in increasing the traffic and they will publish about your website by posting the content relevant to your site on various blogs.
  • When you do SEO then it is sure that one can have more number of customers that obviously increases the sales of your products and services.

SEO is considered to be a framework of rules and regulations that are helpful in promoting the business. In order to do this for you, the SEO services company like One Stop Media is offering wonderful services to all kinds of businesses. The SEO can be of two types:

On-site SEO: the rules and strategies that need to be applied on the site to make it search engine friendly.

Off-site SEO: the rules and strategies that need to be applied on other blogs and sites which could help in promoting your search engine results.

There are some people who confuse with the SEO and the internet marketing. For them, it is must to know that SEO is not internet marketing but it is a part of internet marketing campaign. Thus, it is always essential to make use of SEO to promote your business to the next level.

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The Best Plagiarism Checking Website

Plagiarism is considered as a serious offense especially on the academic field. Offenders of this act receive serious punishments like being suspended or kicked out of school. The worse punishment is when offenders receive defamation wherein the perception of other people to them becomes negative. If you are a student, then you do not want to receive such punishments and in order to avoid them you should not commit plagiarism.

A good way to prevent yourself from committing plagiarism is to use a plagiarism checking website. This article will discuss to you what this tool is and how you can use it to avoid plagiarism.

What is a Plagiarism Checking Website?

If you are a student, a teacher, or a blogger, you should always make use of a plagiarism checking website. As a teacher, you will be able to check if your students have committed plagiarism. As a student, you can prevent yourself from committing plagiarism by checking if your paper contains any part that is detected as plagiarized on the web. As a blogger, you want to ensure that your contents are not directly copied from other blogs and websites.

How to Use a Plagiarism Checking Website?

It is not difficult at all to use a plagiarism checking website. There is not much buttons and clicks involved in using it. You only have to copy the entire paper or content and paste all of them into the window of the plagiarism checker tool. You should then click the right button for processing the content. After a few seconds, the results will be shown on screen and will determine if any part of your paper has plagiarized contents and will identify those parts to you. Apart from this, the overall results also show the percentage originality of your paper. Try to aim for a percent originality around 90 to 100 percent to make sure that your paper will not have duplicate contents on the web.

Choosing the Best Plagiarism Checking Website

A plagiarism checking website really is very useful and helpful especially to teachers, students, and bloggers. Now if you want to use such a tool, there can be a lot of websites offering such kind of tool. However, not all of them are reliable enough. So make sure to use a good tool. You can find such tools by reading comments and reviews on available tools. Then choose the best one that most people recommend.

One example of such tool is the plagiarism checking website. This tool not only boasts its primary features of being able to accurately detect plagiarism but also its user-friendliness. It is extremely easy to use and you will find no difficulty in using it.

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How to get more number of followers in Instagram

Instagram is a mobile or desktop or internet connected mobile app which is used by the more number of users to share their videos and photos. The user can share their photo in public or private manner and they can also include the locations with the help of geotags. It also contains hashtags which will help to share the overall topics or content of the message. You can also connect your instagram account with your social media account with this you can share your photos and videos with your profile account. It can also help you to share the ideas about your business and also help to market your product among more number of people. If you have more number of followers, you can get various ideas to improve your business and it reduces the difficulties in your marketing process.

Methods to attract more number of followers:

One of the easiest ways to buy instagram followers is Social Envy. It helps you to organically grow your instagram followers and the followers are real people and they are engaged with your accounts and give proper response to your recent posts. It is very important to get and maintain more number of followers in your account to show up your activeness on the online.

Subscribing of Social Envy is very easy, after getting into the account you can contacted by the one of the social envy managers and get a team to follow your account. They provide 24 by 7 services, so you can easily clarify your doubts and queries through email account. These networks use more popular hashtags to attract more number of followers. For example, if you run the gymnastic centre they use some of the hashtags like, #fitness, #gymlife and #instafit.

This network will continuously track your account to know how much amount of followers you got. If you need to increase the number of followers it can also supply the required amount of people to your account. For this purpose you have to contact the service provider with the single username then only they can find your account and provide the required services.

There is the possibility to select the gender of followers whether it is male or female. If you want to get the female followers then the Social Envy will provide the required gender of followers.


In this busy schedule of the modern world, this instagram account will help you to express your talents and expose your skills among the people. So use this account to improve your business.

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Discover important Statistics that Will Definitely Change your Perspective on Marketing Automation Platforms

In order to reach their target audiences, marketers have to tackle complicated marketing campaigns and the automation of these campaigns seems to benefit both businesses and their customers. The implementation of marketing automation promises businesses of any scale to propel the productivity of their marketing activities and turn your marketing team into an actual revenue-generating machine. The chance to attract more leads in less time makes the deployment of marketing automation platform a very compelling offer. But what hides behind the curtain of these promises? Instead of providing reasons for marketing automation, let us take a closer look at the statistics. These figures will actually prove how imperative it is to deploy a marketing automation platform for modern B2B organizations.

The number of responsibilities and tactics the marketers need to test is permanently growing. Your marketing reps need to devise innovative tactics to attract as many leads as possible to then nurture them until the sales department gets them. They need to utilize sophisticated lead generation strategies and exploit every available resource. For example, email, content marketing, social media etc. Simply put, marketing automation is a technological solution that enables your company to nurture leads and turn them into clients via enthralling and relevant content. It allows marketers to organize their tasks in order to boost efficiency while keeping an eye on results. Now that we have this sorted out, let’s dig into these crucial facts.

Content Marketing

First things first, content marketing is crucially important for any B2B company as 83% of marketing reps use it to reach their lead generation goals and over a half of them consider content marketing efforts fruitful. These figures are expected to increase as 85% of B2B organizations have reported that lead generation is their top content marketing priority for 2016. However, there are legitimate obstacles that marketers face every day. For instance, high quality content is something left to be desired with 68% of marketers rating their content as inconsistent. Unfortunately, only 12% have a sense of optimized strategy. Despite that, 76% of B2B marketers are planning to produce even more content this year. Moreover, the companies who performed successful content marketing campaigns dedicate to it up to 46% of their total marketing budgets.

Email Marketing

Email is the most widely used marketing channel in B2B marketing and its effectiveness has been proved many times. So much so, that 60% of companies consider this communication channel as the best in terms of ROI. In fact, marketers are expected to invest $ 2.4 billion on email marketing. The popularity of email marketing is so overwhelming that 97% of B2B marketers confirm using an email marketing software of some sort. However, personalized approach holds the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Your open rates will increase by 10% and click-through rate will rise to 14% if you apply personalized tactics to your email marketing. The businesses should definitely consider deployment of excellent marketing automation platform, like bpm’online, if they ought to address each of their leads individually.

Social Media and Mobile

92% of B2B organizations say that social media are incredibly important for their companies. Although, 40% of social media advertisers are concentrating their efforts on brand awareness rather than lead gen. Social media can be a powerful lead generation tool as well. Actually, 80% of leads that were aggregated via social media come from LinkedIn. Moreover, the majority of B2B organizations admit that LinkedIn turned out to be the most efficient social media platform for their company. They also ranked Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and SlideShare as the most efficient platforms. 78% of businesses say they have distinct teams focused solely on social media. On the contrary, mobile marketing seems like more of an uncharted territory despite the fact that 86% of B2B customers research content on mobile. Moreover, 40% of these prospects open their emails on mobile first and then re-open them later on laptops. B2B companies continuously explore this area and the total mobile ad investments will top $100 billion worldwide as 44% of buyers are expecting brands to deliver their promo material to their mobile devices.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is one of the most significant aspects in marketing automation. To ensure the delivery of sale-ready leads to your sales representatives, your marketers need to concentrate on qualified leads who are not yet ready to buy. The lack of appropriate lead nurturing results in the fact that tremendous 79% of marketing leads never transform into sales. Marketing automation platform is capable of fixing that as businesses who nurture prospects make 50% more sales at a cost 33% cheaper than non-nurtured leads. Not only do these companies increase their sales rate, these nurtured leads actually make 47% larger purchases. Marketing automation is such an irreplaceable tool for lead nurturing that the majority of B2B companies report a 451% increase in qualified leads.

The digital space is moving forward at a light speed rate and if your company is ought to keep up with the ever-rising competition, it will have to implement process-driven automation tools. Otherwise, you will be left behind. B2B companies praise marketing automation for its ability to generate more and higher quality leads. It is an incredibly effective technology that will definitely improve your company’s productivity and revenues.

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Get more Instagram likes and followers to make it to be your weapon to promote your products

We believe you are an Instagram user and you open this app several times a day! This platform is so popular that it already has more than 500 million users worldwide and this number is growing day by day. As a medium to share various moments in the form of photos and videos, Instagram has run away leaving many competitors. Released 7 years ago this application has been dominating social activities on the Internet since recent years. Many people depend on Instagram and they are used to open this application more than 10 times a day, especially with the new feature Instagram Story. This feature is proven to increase the number of new users in significant numbers. With Instagram Story every user can share moments live. Each user can become a “celebrity” who performs live shows!

As a popular app Instagram not only can be used to share moments on friends only. This app can also be used to reach many unknown people in advance in order to promote the product. Nowadays online marketing has dominated world trade and it seems that Instagram has taken most of it. Many online marketers only rely on this platform to sell and they feel that Instagram is able to meet all their needs. Broad reach and ease of uploading content are two powerful Instagram weapons.

When we use Instagram as a storefront for our products then we must know that the popularity of our account is everything. This fact should not be ignored otherwise what we do will not bring what we dream. The popularity of Instagram accounts is determined by the number of likes received and also the number of followers owned. These two parameters are interconnected with each other. When we receive a lot of likes then we most likely have a large number of followers or in some cases we will get many friend requests.

We can increase the number of likes and followers by interacting with other Instagram users consistently. When we interact, give each other likes and do mutual follow, then gradually we will receive likes and many new friend requests. But some people do not have enough time to open and use Instagram every day. They need what are called Instagram likes and followers services. For example, when they buy Instagram likes then they will receive lots of likes in no time without having to take the time to open their account. It all happens automatically. This way is highly favored by most online marketers as it can save their time.

The addition of captions and hashtags is also seen as helping to increase the number of likes and friend requests received. We must strive to create inspirational captions that will attract many people to like our content. When we combine various methods to maximize our account then we are one step ahead of our competitors. Using social media should be accompanied by appropriate strategies to achieve the desired goals.

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Learning to Make Money Online

The internet has become a great source of income. With diverse marketing online opportunity, people with different demographic profiles can make money through it.

What you need to start a marketing opportunity online business?

The first thing you’ll discover is you. What you want to start online marketing and the possibility of the company, this particular you are looking for, what is your goal with your online business.

Some of dots:

1). Employment. You are unemployed and looking for ways to generate income.

2.) Additional Revenue. You are employed but need additional funds for extras in your life.

3.) Freedom. Want to work with a comfort of your home and at your own schedule.

Identify forward that meets your why?, Then start looking for online marketing and appropriate opportunities to fulfill your desires.

How to succeed with online marketing and business opportunity?

Once you have determined your why? Urdu Typing Tool goes beyond the formula of an Internet marketing business successfully.

1.) Mindset.

Firstly, being a successful businessman is a state of mind. Once you are apparent with your goals and who you want to become, you day to day activities will be to reflect on it. One of the excellent methods to develop a successful mindset is to allow time to learn from other successful business.

The key here is determination. Be prepared for possible setbacks along your path to success. The distinction between a successful businessman and a failure is their determination to succeed.

2.) Product.

Selecting a product to sell can be daunting as there are many out there on the market, one can choose. What you need to consider is that you will try to promote and sell a product that you are interested in. You may find it easier to promote and find the business experience more fun, if you have a product that interested aside to make money from it.

Online Marketing and Business Opportunity procedure

1.) Find a product that is unique and is in demand on the market. Its unique characteristic will reduce the risk of being taken into consideration as well as similar products and your product will be more visible in the crowd. For sure, you will not be interested with the products if there is no demand for it.

2.) Learn the compensation scheme. You want to be sure that your work and the work will be rewarded. If you do similar amounts of functions considering the product, you not like something that can give you more bang with just the same income?

3.) Make an effective marketing plan. There are many ways to promote your marketing and online opportunities. You can go in newspapers and free classified ads or pay per click online and social media. Many business plans make no provision at all, but simply to sell you something and advise you to sell it.

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Five Tips for Making a Better Corporate Video

For starters, companies use corporate videos for business to business (B2B) purposes, for product promotions, training, and advertising. It has recently become a great marketing strategy, helping companies to easily reach their target audience. So how can one create an effective corporate video that your audience would love to watch or even share? How can you maintain the level of professionalism while entertaining your audience? For more details, check out these tips on creating more cost-efficient corporate videos.

Understand the process

If this is your first time to make a video, make sure you have an idea how it works. Spend some time to do some research about the process from the pre-production up to the post-production practices. You or someone from the team can manage the production once the camera starts rolling to ensure everything goes as planned. Assign someone who is trained and experienced in this kind of project is important because you will need a lot of good talents to ensure the success of this video production. Doing so, you can be confident that your money and time is going to the efforts into producing a good quality video.

Make it short and simple

It is not a secret that viewers have a short attention span. That’s why the challenge in creating corporate videos is not just to catch the attention of its audience but to hold it. Keep your audience engaged into watching your video until you have already delivered your message to them. Ideally, videos only have 8 seconds to grab attention before people decide to scroll down on their news feed or move on to another website. We all know that is not a lot of time, especially if you are just introducing your brand to the public. Therefore, you need to a good punch right and deliver an effective message right in the beginning of your video.

Be creative

Try something innovative and unique like animation or explainer videos to create your corporate video. Unlike the common testimonials or live videos, animation is still considered as a newly explored tool in the corporate work. By the end of the video, your target audience should wither want to know more about you or do business with your company. Your video has to be effective to the point that your clients would be back to your page for more.

Have great visuals

All the visuals you will be using in the video should complement the value of the information you are trying to convey. To gather ideas, you may look for inspiration from your favorite music videos, films, or advertisements. Or perhaps watch the not so good videos and see how you can solve the problem of improving it, and then apply it to your video production.

Cheaper can be better

Got limited budget for your upcoming video shoot? Good thing cheaper videos can still be better. Just be creative and resourceful so that you can pull through even if you only have limited budget. Ask for help from your staff members and you might be surprised to see how passionate they are when it comes to creating videos or sharing unique ideas. You may also ask for recommendations for affordable corporate video production team who can still be creative while working within your means.

Do you need any help with creating an effective video production? Don’t think twice and get in touch with one of Reelmedia Pte. Ltd’s knowledgeable staff members. You may also check out their website for more details about their video production services.

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Make Money from Your Instagram Account

For many people, having an Instagram account is a fun past time for updating and connecting with family and friends. These users are focused on posting fun and carefree photos of their daily lives and important life events. However, many users look to Instagram for very different reasons, including professional development and financial return. Those that successfully tap the application’s potential for financial gain can build an entire career on the platform.

Build an Instagram Business

Building an Instagram-based business is very different than simply marketing your business on Instagram. Use of social media becomes your entire business, and what you sell is a lifestyle that is made reality through the content you post. Of course, the first step in building an Instagram-based business is to gain followers.

In order to have real traction in the world of Instagram, it is necessary to have real Instagram followers. Robots and fake accounts are not going to interact with you on the platform and will not generate the traction for your account that is needed to pursue real financial return. A few ways to locate real people behind accounts include utilising appropriate hashtags, reaching out to people in your target audience via likes and comments on their content, and asking interesting questions in your captions that encourage other users to engage with your posts on a regular basis.

Sell Your Content

Little did you know that once your Instagram takes off, it is a commodity in its own right. There is a growing market for the content produced on Instagram, particularly if the photographs are unique and of fascinating destinations or places. By purchasing the photographs and images of Instagram users, companies are able to build a strong bank of fabulous photography without expending the logistical, travel, and equipment costs necessary for capturing those images. If you are looking to attract a specific type of purchaser of Instagram images, it is pertinent that you research what images they prefer, how the companies contact and partner with different accounts, and how to tailor your images to attract the right attention.

Promote Another Business

One of the best ways to create an income from your Instagram account is by teaming up with a company or brand for partner marketing. This affiliate marketing means you will post photos of you using or promoting a product or service, and the company will pay you based on sales resulting from your post. This works best when the affiliate lets you announce a discount or sale because that should result in more revenue for the company and more commission for you. Plus, with a hashtag or code that is specific to your posts, both parties can easily track the sales related to your content and efforts.

While affiliate posts are great for Instagram users who are just starting out or beginning to gain traction on the application, an even better partnership is through sponsorship. Outdoor gear companies, travel agencies, and tour companies are companies often interested in sponsoring individuals to be successful on Instagram. When a respected and established Instagram account features these products or services, there can be a huge return for the sponsor, which is a great selling point for the savvy Instagram-based business.