Make Money from Your Instagram Account


For many people, having an Instagram account is a fun past time for updating and connecting with family and friends. These users are focused on posting fun and carefree photos of their daily lives and important life events. However, many users look to Instagram for very different reasons, including professional development and financial return. Those that successfully tap the application’s potential for financial gain can build an entire career on the platform.

Build an Instagram Business

Building an Instagram-based business is very different than simply marketing your business on Instagram. Use of social media becomes your entire business, and what you sell is a lifestyle that is made reality through the content you post. Of course, the first step in building an Instagram-based business is to gain followers.

In order to have real traction in the world of Instagram, it is necessary to have real Instagram followers. Robots and fake accounts are not going to interact with you on the platform and will not generate the traction for your account that is needed to pursue real financial return. A few ways to locate real people behind accounts include utilising appropriate hashtags, reaching out to people in your target audience via likes and comments on their content, and asking interesting questions in your captions that encourage other users to engage with your posts on a regular basis.

Sell Your Content

Little did you know that once your Instagram takes off, it is a commodity in its own right. There is a growing market for the content produced on Instagram, particularly if the photographs are unique and of fascinating destinations or places. By purchasing the photographs and images of Instagram users, companies are able to build a strong bank of fabulous photography without expending the logistical, travel, and equipment costs necessary for capturing those images. If you are looking to attract a specific type of purchaser of Instagram images, it is pertinent that you research what images they prefer, how the companies contact and partner with different accounts, and how to tailor your images to attract the right attention.

Promote Another Business

One of the best ways to create an income from your Instagram account is by teaming up with a company or brand for partner marketing. This affiliate marketing means you will post photos of you using or promoting a product or service, and the company will pay you based on sales resulting from your post. This works best when the affiliate lets you announce a discount or sale because that should result in more revenue for the company and more commission for you. Plus, with a hashtag or code that is specific to your posts, both parties can easily track the sales related to your content and efforts.

While affiliate posts are great for Instagram users who are just starting out or beginning to gain traction on the application, an even better partnership is through sponsorship. Outdoor gear companies, travel agencies, and tour companies are companies often interested in sponsoring individuals to be successful on Instagram. When a respected and established Instagram account features these products or services, there can be a huge return for the sponsor, which is a great selling point for the savvy Instagram-based business.