Enhancing Software Testing Efficiency – Tips To Consider


During the development process, a software loophole found in code can lead towards huge losses for the users and for the development companies. The best example is the Y2K bug, the one computer related glitch that basically brought in a higher understanding about the importance of software testing during the development phase.

Nowadays it is vital that we go through proper software testing as that will help reduce bugs and errors in what is created. We have access to so many interesting tools that can be used and many of them are actually automated. However, enhancing the efficiency of software testing is not just about what software is used. This is what adds value. It also counts who uses the software. Simply put, services with high reputation like Bugfinders are usually a lot better than alternatives. Besides this, you should also consider the following:

  • Developing A Proper Test Plan – The best testing plan will cover all testing areas. This includes the planning, risk identification, acquisition of staff and a whole lot more.
  • Understanding The Product – The software testing team has to understand everything about the project before work starts. This means that there are meetings in which the tester will need to understand everything directly from the developer. Testers learn about applications directly from them because they have the best authority. It is a bad idea to meet with the manager.
  • Positive Testing – This will improve testing. You need to write test cases, then develop requirement analysis and also plan a design phase. The testing is intended to check out functionality. For instance, it is checked to see if valid conditions will lead to proper operation. Then, invalid conditions are covered in order to see how the product reacts then.
  • Testing Early – Many believe that testing starts after the application or the software is finished. That is not the case. It is important to start the testing as soon as possible because a bug that would be located at a later stage would lead to a loss of money since it is more expensive to solve bugs when the software is over.
  • Good Test Cases Will Improve Testing – It is definitely common practice in software testing to write a test case during the requirement analysis and one during the design phase. The test case has to be intended towards functionality.
  • Small Functional Modules Tested – You need to divide the software into small functional modules. This makes the test cases smaller and more effective. Maximum coverage is thus guaranteed.
  • Developing Bug Reports – Reports are always necessary and they need to be offered in a way that is totally unambiguous and clear. That makes the report really easy to understand. Do not just report symptoms and try to find out what the effects of the bug are. If possible, solutions should be recommended.

Software testing efficiency is all about the plan that is developed. This is something that is incredibly important. You need to do all that you can as a software tester in order to make sure that the process goes well and that as many problems as possible are solved.