Why downloading Spotify APK is very tempting


Spotify is one of the largest Music apps out there that you can even compare to the likes of Google Music and iTunes. It has millions of songs in its lineup that any people from any walks of life and feeling can always find solace in music thru Spotify.

It’s free to download by the way but you do need to subscribe if you wish to get the premium and get more out of your Spotify experience. What if you got a bug in your Spotify and the fix was in the newer version that wasn’t released yet? How do you get it, you download Spotify APK!

Bug fixes: That’s right if the newer version promises to remedy this and their update is still unreleased or still present in the other platform, you can always get it but here’s the cache, it’s not available in the play store all the time. It can either be available online in the official Spotify site, credible websites that offer a leak of this update. Whatever it is, it’s better to be safe and download the APK version on credible and trusted sites only.

Unreleased: One of our greatest mentalities is that we always want are the new things. We make it viral even for a fact that it’s new. Some can brag getting the iPhone 8 even when it’s still not released in the country yet and it makes them cool, Spotify is no different really. It might not be a device but it has new cool features that are still in beta that is not yet released but you managed to get your hands on it thru a beta program or leaks then that makes you a cool kid too. This is one of the strengths about APK and why many people love Android.

Rooting precaution: Some people or instructions advise you that before you can update the Spotify app that you need your device to get rooted. This isn’t really entirely true because not all APKs require you to root your device. Rooting is a hit or miss thing, consider it dangerous that can potentially harm your device especially if you’re doing it on your own without any first-hand experience in rooting a device. Also rooting an OS void’s its warranty, so if your device gets broken the phone manufacturer will no longer fix your device. If you do need to root then it’s a risk that you should accept.

What you need to know about APKs is that yeah it makes you cool, makes you popular in school for a day, your videos get a viral stamp of approval all because you got the beta or the next better version of the app before anyone can get it but you should know that whenever you do this you need to be careful because not all sources are credible and some are just making their APKs as apps when in fact it’s actually a virus. Instead of you getting a head of the competition you’re now the victim that lost his money and other personal information.