Which Version Of Windows 7 Suits You


Windows 7 was released on July 22, 2009. After passing almost 8 years it is still prominent. It is the window which is still liked by many people. Many people do love to use windows 7 for their professional purposes. This is one of the amazing and nicest features of windows 7 which gives ultimate pleasure to users. Windows 7 comes with so many new features and it has enough options for old and new users of windows. Moreover, windows 7 is available in several different versions and you have to choose which version is best for you. All of the versions of windows 7 are given below:

1. Professional Version of Windows 7

If you are a businessman or you are a professional user of windows then this is the best version of windows 7. This version of windows 7 will give you so many nicest features which will add value in your work. The professional version of windows 7 is best for small business owners. Moreover, it is recommended for the IT users as it comes with more security and data protection.

2. Starter Version

The starter version of Windows 7 was launched by the Microsoft for the users in the developing countries. It provides many essential features and it is available in 32 Bit. It is the lightweight product which is ideal for computers with fewer specifications.

3. Home Premium

The home premium version of windows 7 comes with almost all the features of Starter and Basic versions. This is the version that offers so many great options such as the Touch window, Mobility Center, home Group and many other features.

4. Windows 7 Enterprise

If you have an enterprise then windows 7 enterprise version is really best for you. This is the version which gives you so many amazing features. It offers the Bit Locker, Applocker, Branch Cache and many other unique features. Moreover, it also contains all the features of windows 7 professional.

5. Windows 7 ultimate

If you want to use such version of windows 7 which has got the features of all versions then windows 7 ultimate is the right option for you. Windows 7 ultimate download is so easier and it will give you access to so many nicest options. Therefore it is one of the most amazing versions of windows.

6. Home Basic

The home basic version of windows 7 is the marvelous version for the users of the 64-bit system. It allows a user to run 3 applications simultaneously and also it offers great features. It also offers the mobility Center feature for managing different networks.

These all are the versions of windows 7 and you can choose the one which is best for you. Windows 7 has the suitability for everyone.