All you need to Know about Clickup Project Management Software gets unleashed!


With development in technology and growing use of Internet, paperless documentation is going more popular across business platforms. While traditionally, all the documentation would require lengthy paperwork requiring a lot of time and cost, coming up of modernised softwares have made it possible to manage technical documentation in electronic forms. When it comes to successful project development, nowadays we have loads of internet and mobile applications that can prove quite handy and resourceful in managing all the work and drafting the final schedule of the project.

One such user friendly project management software that is available in the form of application compatible with android and iOS mobile platforms is the Clickup.

What are the various features of Click Up?

  • Custom Task Scheduling and Status
  1. Project management requires clear division of workload among various teams so that every member of the team can work sincerely which adds to the success of the overall project.This step often refereed as planning requires assigning responsibilities to employs prioritising what are important tasks and then setting up deadlines so that the work gets completed within the stipulated deadline.

  1. With a Customise Task Status Tool, click up lets you manage all the scheduling that has two options before every task: Done or Not Done. In the form of simple to do list, this feature allows you to maintain your own list of task status and keep a track of what is done and what is still pending to be completed.
  • Managing Multi Task Together

From form filling to report drafting to sending emails, there will be multiple task required to be done within the same frame of time. Hence ,Click up comes with its own multi task tool that can let you maintain as well as make any changes to multiple task together without wasting time on single task separately.

  • Agile Board View and Management

While following agile methodology for your project management, you will need a comprehensive study and tracking of each phase. And Click up will prove extremely useful for agile management. Along with managing other views, an agile board will help you keep track of the phases that go well in project development.

  • Multiple Assignment Tool

For group tasks, you will require assignment of more than one people into a particular activity and task. In that case, Click up multiple assignment tools will help you manage multiple task management smoothly.

  • Visual Consistency

With its table layout and box arrangement, all your information will easily breakdown into a strategic format where it will become very easy to record and refer information anytime. Categorisation makes it further easy to track down information through a search filter that comes in built with the software.

Hence,if you are an efficient looking for a project management tool,then Clickup seems to be a promising option to consider today!