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There was a time when mobile devices were used only for calling (incoming, outgoing), sending and receiving massages and then other value added mobile functions later. Then Apple joined the market and rocks the world of mobile devices with its revolutionary celular product iPhone. iPhones and iPhone applications has changed the usage into craze and turns it into best selling brand throughout the world.

Keeping in mind this craze and highest popularity and growth of iPhone, some people has tried to utilize this success in wrong direction. Some recent news about presence of fake iPhone sets in the market not only shocked the iPhone lovers, but was also shocking for Apple as well because of various reasons.

The basic crux of the news was about the arresting of a gang which was making fake iPhone 5 on very low price. These people were the part of an international gang and they mixed original and fake parts in order to give the original look and feel for their fake iPhone 5. The shocking news was that they have sold and penetrated many phones in different markets. The manufacturing cost of fake iPhone is very low and it could be sold on very cheap prices in the market. Moreover, the outlook and feel is very well copied by fake manufactures therefore its difficult to recognize about its originality. The story is not ended here because fake iPhone 5 has same functions like an original iPhone and an additional option of two sim cards. The only lacking with this fake device is low battery life. And of course it is very cheap as compare to genuine one.
Now the question arises for Apple that how it will react over it, as there are always a patent rights all over the world and Apple reserved all rights of iPhone. Secondly if these phones could make access in international market before the launch of the original iPhone 5, than how will Apple distinguished their Phones with these fake ones as common users don’t know technical aspects and there are always a group of price conscious buyers.

There is also a chance that these fake phones could also opened the doors for iPhone apps specially for fake phones which will not only damage the authenticity of online apps but will also give bad impressions on developers specially for new developers as people will be more restricted to know that their app is not developed by someone who is involved in building of fake iPhone apps.

The good approach for iPhone lovers is to buy iPhones from the authorized outlets and incase of any confusion or doubts, contact the company so that your problem should be resolved. For businesses that are looking for good application developers are suggested to contact market reliable names in order to get quality apps.