Smart Virtual Assistant in Galaxy S9 will be better


Samsung has joined the battle of smart assistants with its Galaxy S8, which has integrated into the shell Bixby and even added a single physical button to start it. The new Flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 is going to launch next year with very interesting features and unique display. So are you curious to know all about the new flagship of 2018? Unlike competitors who act rather knowledge base and on the simplest level, allow the use of smartphone functions, Bixby in S8 works immediately on three fronts.

First of all, it is a voice control interface smartphone. It knows how to manage the settings and content on a smartphone – if the gallery has to select multiple photos and ask for “a new album,” Assistant automatically collects footage and add the appropriate section in the albums. A company representative at the presentation gave an example where when viewing the map Bixby called and asked the assistant to take a screenshot and rearrange it to a specific person. In Galaxy S9, You would see an extra effort Samsung has made in Bixby AI to make it more interesting, entertaining and funny.

The second feature – Bixby Home, which is opposed to the “zero» Google Now screen (and occupies the same place in the interface). Samsung’s own development also collects relevant data in the form of cards, pulls weather information and produces the news agenda, as well as able to work with multiple programs. While this is mainly a software company, the manufacturers are already working with third-party developers, which will add support for Bixby. In Galaxy S9, Samsung has not yet assigned it a specific name. But it is expected that the smart virtual assistance Bixby’s AI will hit the market next year with a higher version of Bixby 2.1.

The third “trick» – Bixby Vision. This search function uses the camera: point the phone at an object and see the options for what you can do with the image. At this stage, the program recognizes the place, the text and trying, as does Google Goggles app to identify objects. The latter, in theory, allow you to find the desired footwear, information about drinks and other information, but so far 95% of the attempts to “crawl” that lead to a set of similar images or offer to guess the place indicated on the photo. The latter function is based more on the GPS and data from Foursquare. If we take a look at Galaxy S9, users would get a very good opportunity of using this well-improved assistance as in S8, we might see many faults in Bixby present version that users were not looking happy with S8 Bixby, giving negative feedbacks.

Conclusion ­-

As we have seen many faults in Galaxy S8 Bixby, the smart virtual assistant, we may conclude that S8 is not going to help regarding this feature. Faults like if we point the phone towards a thing, say a curtain, it could you obviously that it is a curtain but will fail to tell where the curtain has made or any other thing as mentioned by Samsung. So, in this case, it is highly recommended to go for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus as the latest version of Bixby will have many surprising functions that would make you give a positive feedback after purchasing the phone.