How to fix the issues with wireless network router


In the modern era, many innovations have eased the human life. And when the technology is being discussed, how can one ignore the computer and the internet. The same can be observed with the widespread usage of wireless connections. With a wireless router, it becomes easy to access an internet connection; one just needs to connect to a network. Wireless connections are extremely vulnerable and get easily affected by the virus. In day to day life we face various issues with a wireless router, and hence it is important to know some ways that can help one to overcome such situation when the system gets infected with the virus and hamper the network. Due to such issues the connectivity drops and user cannot access internet connection. There are some troubleshooting methods mentioned below by which you can fix wireless router issues.

Restart the router

For all the recent gadgets most basic solution is turning it OFF and then ON. It is basically called power cycling the router or in layman language restarting/rebooting the router. On performing a reboot many errors such as lagging connection, connectivity drop, website failure, etc. can be easily overcome. It is good to restart the router over a period for making it work successfully. In case if you have to restart the router frequently it is recommended to take it for a check as there may be some technical problems and only restarting may not be enough at this stage.

Router Overheating

Due to overheating issues the router operation becomes irrelevant and unstable. Routers are overheated because of their continuous usage. Overheating of a router might result in permanent damage. To prevent any such thing from happening, make sure the temperature is low. If you experience heat while making contact with the router, check whether it is placed in the area with the better cooling facility. If the area doesn’t get proper ventilation, change the router position.

Reposition the router

If your router is showing connection error frequently, you should consider re-positioning it. It is possible that the router is placed in a position near which wi-fi signals are getting blocked. If you have placed, you router near any electric equipment, then due to electromagnetic interference issue the connection gets dropped. Sometimes people forget to set their antennas vertically and keep it horizontal which is not recommended.

Ensure proper cable connections

Majority time, the cable connection problem goes unnoticed. Almost every time it happens that we forget to check the simplest possible solution. Such connection problem persists due to accidental pull while dusting and hence the cable gets unplugged or becomes loose. You must make sure that all the cables are connected firmly.

Factory Reset

If you are having frequent issues with your router, try to factory reset it. There are chances that the user might alternate the settings accidentally. Hence factory resetting the device is the best possible solution. After performing a factory reset you will be required to re-configure the router settings. The router can be re-configured by opening the web interface by entering the URL in the address bar of the browser.