Tips for Using Your Fitbit


The Fitbit has changed how many people exercise. This little device looks like a very small wristwatch but it has a number of features that track things such as the number of steps you take, your heart rate, and more, depending on which version of the device you have. Like most exercise tools, though, the Fitbit isn’t going to help you get in shape and remain healthy on its own. It’s not a magic device, which means you’re going to have to have a plan. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Fitbit.

Change Your Habits

Many people set goals of reaching a certain number of steps every day. That’s a great way of using the Fitbit, but you may never reach your goal if you continue to follow your established routine. This is especially true if you have a desk job that doesn’t require you to walk much during the day. You may find that your normal routine leaves you well off your daily goal.

If that’s the case, you’re going to have to change your routine. Start walking to work if that’s an option. If it’s not, maybe you can walk to lunch or spend part of your lunch time walking around the building. If you work on an upper floor, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Another good habit is to pace when talking on your cell phone unless you need to be at your desk to take notes.

Make Sure Your Device Is Charged

You can’t do much with your Fitbit if it’s not charged. Make sure you plug in the device regularly and that you have an extra Fitbit charger with you at work or in your car just in case you forget and the battery runs down. Having your charging cable and wall adapter on hand allows you to charge as you go. You could also get a cradle or dock to put your Fitbit in at night so it’s always fully charged in the morning.

Find a Friend

Many people find that exercising is easier when they do it with someone else and in the end, that’s what Fitbit is all about. It’s a method of exercise, even if it doesn’t seem like it because you’re not going to the gym. If you make arrangements with someone else to go walking at a certain time, it’s harder to make excuses and back out. You and your Fitbit partner can keep each other on track. You can support each other when it gets difficult to make time to walk, and you can celebrate your successes together.

You can also make walking a family activity, especially if your spouse also has a Fitbit. The two of you can go out walking with your children and your dog in the evening after work. This is a good way of getting in your steps for the day, spending quality time together, and getting your kids motivated to exercise. Planning outings that involve walking, such as going to the park or the zoo, is another good way of combining exercise with fun.